Mafia 3 in review: Large flap, nothing behind it – now with video!

After six years of waiting, it's finally on with Mafia - new era, new venue, new main character. The well-staged revenge of Lincoln Clay unfortunately only plays nevertheless like an old chewing gum. Our test will tell you why Mafia 3 can not fully convince.


Mafia 3 in the test

Mafia 3 in the test

"If you want to only see the bad, you'll never be able to see something else." - It is the urgent advice of the clergy James Ballard at his adopted son Lincoln Clay. He knows him from an early age, when he took up the orphans, and knows about his difficult childhood. But despite the determined tone Clay no longer reach the words. In the head, there is only one thought: Sal Marcano has taken him all that he had, and now he will also take him everything.

Mafia 3 tells the story of Lincoln's vendetta against the head of the dominant Italian mafia in New Bordeaux at the end of the sixties. The game treats alongside heavy topics such as family, racism and the Vietnam War. It's a powerful story, the developers Hangar 13 told in the form of a documentary. Between the major portions of the actual game date interviews and a few old video recordings are interspersed, you not only deliver backgrounds, but comment on the events at that time and rate.

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This combination of actual, playable experiences and the following assessment of the situation will help you to understand Lincoln and his cronies unequal. You learn the mysterious Haitian Cassandra know, the reclusive Iren Thomas Burke and the fallen Italians and protagonist of Mafia 2 Vito Scalleta. they also hold a grudge against Marcano, but first you have to help them and assign later parts of the city to obtain their loyalty. In return, there are useful tools through their special strengths - for example, access to carts, weapons and evacuation commands.

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All that glitters is not gold

All this is a great frame, and the exciting history is the best prerequisite for a good game. but if a manufacturer does not want to send to the press its announced blockbuster to publication, it is almost always appropriate skepticism. Obviously he fears namely that reports of the game did not help sales but hurt. Even in the case of Mafia 3 this fear is likely to have consisted entirely legitimate reasons. Although the title is far from being a flop, it just makes too many mistakes to be able to celebrate it without exception.

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Mafia 3: The most absurd glitches in our collection GIFs and videos

Most notable are first of all the many bugs and graphical glitches that still occur even after the installation of the first patch. I crashed on the PlayStation 4 already after ten minutes the first time the game. There are about problems with the lighting effects, in which flashing reflective surfaces or it gets dark and light again in the area within a short time. Outside a disco that is definitely not normal. In many other places nerves always technical shortcomings that would have come through no decent quality control - even if some of them are a bit funny.


Mafia 3 - The world of New Bordeaux # 4 - Fight

Stumpf is the key

A glaring problem is the artificial intelligence that responds to the very obvious and often not very clever patterns. If you observe about from cover two opponents and make you aware of a pipe, it is initially perhaps logical that only one of them comes trotting. But you can with this trick an entire warehouse empty, without there being any change in this behavior. While around you pile up the bodies, one comes after another continues individually for you to and can be umnieten keystroke in close combat.

Curiously, there are also lighter moments in which the enemy act smarter - as when a partner comes along or near to the accompaniment but at least change the look in his direction. But these are more of an exception than the rule. And who creeps less, but increasingly relies on the powerful firearms, will be annoyed at the stupidity of his enemies. But the pleasant feeling weapons, such as when an opponent is thrown back from a scrap load with full force, and also the high degree of brutality care actually for some satisfaction on this vendetta.


Groundhog Day

Among the previous vertices is a constantly repeating structure for all ten districts. In order to enlarge the sphere of influence in New Bordeaux, you must first track down an informant and interrogate. After that it applies to inflict as much damage in the corresponding facilities and to steal money to attract the attention of the current main opponent up. Finally, this only has to be killed or recruited - at a place that you had recently been cleaned actually.

In between, there are a few bright spots, however. A mission takes you through a creepy old amusement park, where you have to try to escape or in the chaos of Mardi Gras festival from the police to escape from a sinking ship. Strong Mafia 3 is just whenever it takes you a little bit more to the hand, further weaves the history and puts the characters in the center. Unfortunately, however, a considerable part feels just like filler.


Mafia 3 - The world of New Bordeaux # 1 - municipalities

Freedom in the wasteland

And so it goes to the core problem. A bit brittle is in fact also New Bordeaux itself. The city, which is modeled on New Orleans, may be well made. It's fun with the great soundtrack and its more than 100 songs in the ear, to cruise the many popular pieces of this legendary time through the streets. Only in this way on the edge, the driving experience with the heavy carts this time is pretty good hit. Away from the actual story missions and those tasks that serve the expansion of the area, there are just almost nothing to do. Collecting a few Playboy magazines, paintings and posters, is at least not fulfilling compared to what offer other representatives of the genre. Not even an individualization of character with clothes or haircuts are provided. Even criticized for its boring, open world predecessors offered more variety.

For a few years a dangerous trend is about, is sunk by the already so many exciting project in mediocrity. Apparently these days is nothing without large open worlds, even if they are not actually necessary. The great strengths of Mafia and Mafia 2 were the engrossing storyline and the strong atmosphere. From these points of Mafia has reached his goal 3, because here shines the game. However, the open-world aspects are not particularly sexy. And yet they're probably partly responsible for why the debut of developer Hangar 13 acts so patchy and unfinished.


My Test Result Mafia 3

The many positive aspects of Mafia 3 I noticed quite. But the annoying problems of the game are really real and not caused by exaggerated expectations. The Wounded Lincoln Clay is staged fantastic over much, but playfully You'll always returned to the earth. Either the studio would have to invest more time or need to focus on the essentials. It would be interesting to see how Mafia would have three functions as straightforward, streamlined and accommodated to the point action title.

I am very sure that the problems were known. In most cases, a developer knows about the faulty or malfunctioning game mechanics. A good solution requires time, which there is not always however. Hangar 13 has put together a nice game in less than two years, but which lacks polish. Is noticed late that the problems can not be corrected in time? The studio has been able to treat even a heavy topic like racism seemingly effortlessly, but not to fill the game itself with enough life. It is a pity, why just the perfectionist of Take-Two Interactive still have insisted on the publication in the Christmas season and thus risk harming the brand permanently.

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