iPhone does not ring – so it’s back

If the iPhone does not ring, which is often due to the volume buttons or on certain iOS Settings. We will help you with the following tips to find the problem and fix it.

12 tips for iOS, you should know


12 iOS tips you should know

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If your iPhone does not ring, which is very annoying - especially when you expect an important call, be it for a job interview, by a craftsman or if you phone Joker in "Millionaire" is. We show you how you can find the cause.

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iPhone does not ring: Noise level switch is flipped

Does the following when the iPhone does not ring:

  1. Checks the volume switch on the side of the iPhone.
  2. The iPhone has a to increase the volume (+), and to decrease the volume (-). Presses once on the Plus button.
  3. Also there is a small switch that can move you (accidentally). He turns the iPhone mute. In the event it appears red.
  4. so make sure that the switch is not red, otherwise the phone will vibrate when a call only.

With this little switch their sets whether the iPhone is silent or silently.

With this little switch their sets whether the iPhone is silent or silently.

iPhone does not ring: airplane mode is on

When airplane mode is activated, the iPhone also does not ring. Because then the telephone and internet disconnected from the wireless service provider. Checked it this way:

  1. Calls on the home screen and open the Control Center.
  2. If the icon is by plane white instead of black, the mode is enabled and you can not take calls - accordingly, the iPhone does not ring.
  3. the icon typed at once to disable Airplane mode.

Accidental "Do Not Disturb" mode

turn Do Not Disturb on and off

Control: The crescent represents the function &# 8220; Do Not Disturb&# 8221; and may be the reason why the iPhone does not ring.

IOS 7 and there is a Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone. When activated, the iPhone is suffering the calls directly to voice mail. You can function also as described above and off from the control center and off.

  1. You realize the function do not disturb on the crescent icon in Control Panel. This is white, then the feature is enabled.
  2. then taps it once to disable it.
  3. Alternatively, you can also turn off in the settings of the function.
  4. Pay attention here to the fact that not disturb nor to &# 8220; Scheduled&# 8221; is set.
  5. More you learn here: tips and knowledge to "Do Not Disturb" on the iPhone.

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