AldiTalk online charging (also PayPal) – is how it works

You can your prepaid card from Aldi Talk at the box office or charge online on the Aldi Talk website. We show how this works.

Here you can recharge your online her Aldi-Talk credit.

Here you can recharge your online her Aldi-Talk credit.

Aldi Talk: buy credit online

  1. Opens the website My Aldi Talk. Log you in with your phone number and password, if necessary.
  2. Click top left under charging on Online Top Up.
  3. Below chooses her the immediately charge and the charged amount of money from.
  4. These have to specify their uniquely your bank information.

Tip: The call code * 100 # can interrogate their your credit.

Balances via SMS and automatically recharge

  1. Send an SMS with the text Charge the 25,000th
  2. the amount of money is then debited from your bank account to her online at in the My AldiTalk charging > Online Top Up > Automatic charging have set.
  3. You have the choice between 5, 10, 15 and 30 euros. You too can there disable SMS charge.

These amounts can you recharge via SMS.

These amounts can you recharge via SMS.

Under the menu item Automatic charging can give her that your credit will be automatically charged if you do fall below a certain amount. You too can a monthly maximum specify.

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Aldi Talk: add credit via Paypal

Since Aldi uses the network of E-Plus, you can also recharge with E-Plus codes you your Aldi Talk balances generally. Who wants to pay by Paypal, which can do as follows:

  1. Opens the Web (Aldi) *.
  2. Selects where the desired amount of money and follow the instructions.
  3. Under certain circumstances, you must still create an account for the site, if not already present.
  4. As a payment method in addition to Paypal and immediate transfer, VISA, MasterCard and Paysafecard is supported.

Alternatives to online charging

  • Buys credit-Bons at checkout. You can recharge with Eplus in almost every supermarket Aldi Talk.
  • With a credit-Bon her your credit can then either using a key combination, charging on the account hotline or via the Aldi Talk app.

Charging using a key combination

  1. Give the code in the following form * 104 *CODE#
  2. Instead CODE you give a 16-digit code of the credit-Bons. Closes off the whole with the pound key (#).
  3. Finally pushes the call button.

Charging via the app

  1. Opens the Aldi Talk app selects the option recharge credit.
  2. then give a 16-digit top up.
  3. taps Charge.


QR code

Developer: E-Plus Service GmbH
Price: Free

Charging on the account Hotline

  1. Selects the toll-free number 1155.
  2. then press 4.
  3. Give the 16-digit top up, and confirmed by the pound key (#).

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