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The Dolphin browser for Android and iOS, with over 100 million downloads of the most popular browser for smartphones and tablets. The special feature of the Dolphin Browser is the customizable home screen, voice and gesture control, and customizable settings, and more. For both Android and iOS, the browser for free download in the App Store is available.

With the also very popular browsers Google Chrome and Apple Safari, although a browser is preinstalled by default on any Android and iOS device, yet Store or Apple App Store can be found in Google Play now countless chic and potent alternatives that convince with additional functions can. One of the more popular browser alternatives is one example of the Dolphin browser that can score on Android with many features, good performance and Flash support.


Dolphin browser

Dolphin Browser: The browser for iOS and Android

Looking for an alternative to Chrome or Safari on smartphone or tablet usually no alternative to the popular Dolphin Browser passes. With over 80 million downloads on Android alone the Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular apps in its category. The Google Play Store app is rated an average score of 4.6 out of 5 points and has been reviewed by more than two million users. This owes to the Dolphin Browser not only its rich feature set, but also to its comfortable operation as well as its own HTML5 engine, which has made the browser to the most compatible and fastest HTML5-enabled web browser for Android.

Dolphin Browser App

Dolphin Browser: The functions

The Dolphin Browser impresses primarily by its rich feature set. holds what features of the browser in detail, we have summarized in the following list: one for you.

  • Web App Store: About the new Dolphin web app store will have access to the most popular web apps and extensions for the browser. Overall, you can from over 200 web apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Amazon, select.
  • Individualized home screen: On the home screen of the browser can place their applications and organize them for one-touch access.
  • One-tap Share: Use this feature you can share or save content directly to Evernote or box with just a tap websites via Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Dolphin Connect: This feature synchronizes history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs between Android, iOS, and desktop.
  • Send to Device: The Dolphin Browser allows you links, maps, phone numbers from your desktop to your smartphone and vice versa to send to the corresponding browser extensions.
  • WiFi Broadcast: With WiFi broadcast can you links Dolphin with friends near or in your WiFi network share.
  • Sonar: Dolphin offers &Sonar; # 8220&# 8221; own voice recognition, which allows you to surf the Internet, share on social networks or bookmarking.
  • Gestures: Even a gesture control is part of the functionality of the Dolphin Browser.
  • Add-On: With add-ons can you spice up the browser as you wish and extend some functions. There are now over 60 different extensions.

Dolphin Browser supports Flash on Android

Since version 11.3.4 of the Dolphin browser supports Flash 5.0 Lollipop on all devices with Android. Adobe Flash is known for a number of versions of Android not a fixed or an official part of the operating system more.

Download Dolphin Browser

Both smartphones and for tablets with Android or iOS Dolphin browser in the App Store for free download is available. On iOS, you should for the browser at least iOS 6.0 installed.

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