Firefox with Tor: For example, the gate works browser

Earlier, the Torbutton was installed on many Firefox installations as an add-on. With the Torbutton (and an installed Vidalia Tor client) you could surf with Firefox anonymously through the Tor network. The Tor network, in turn, is one of the first and to this day probably the best network for anonymity of Internet connection data. With the gate of the traffic is routed via several intermediate server, which is always re-encrypted again so that each server always knows only the next server in both directions.

Firefox Tor Browser Addon

Firefox Torbutton - Pros and Cons

With the Firefox Torbutton the Tor developers had created an easy way to use the Tor network. The disadvantage of the high anonymity offered by the Tor network to date, namely, unfortunately, a much slower Internet connection. Traffic-intensive applications such as HD video are therefore often not even run under Firefox with Tor. With the Torbutton users could completely straightforward easily installed with a click of the button door and off.

Firefox Tor BrowserThis has not always worked well. On one hand, it was not clear to many users that the Torbutton can activate Tor in Firefox only, though the Vidalia bundle is installed with the Tor client software. On the other hand even experienced users were confused if gate was enabled and disabled in others in several tabs. Because of these problems, the add-on Firefox Torbutton was finally adjusted.

Firefox Tor Browser Control

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Firefox Tor Browser - surf anonymously with Firefox

Since then there is the 'Gateway browser. The Tor Browser is a complete anonymizing Suite, which is based entirely on the Firefox. Users who have an interest in anonymous surfing can be the gateway to use Firefox instead of the normal Mozilla Firefox downloads or additional parallel. The Tor Browser is simply unpacked into any folder without installation and is therefore also a good substitute for Firefox Portable.

Firefox Tor Browser Network

After unpacking users have to start the starting gate Browser.exe in the installation directory, double click and you Vidalia connects the Firefox Tor Browser with the gate network. Once access has been built on the Tor network, the Firefox Tor Browser starts automatically and can be used like a normal Mozilla Firefox. In the add-ons in addition to the classic Torbutton to activate and deactivate the Tor network also NoScript and encryption add-on HTTPS Everywhere, two other security tools installed. The Firefox Tor Browser can be quite normal individualized with another Firefox add-ons or Firefox Personas.

Disable Firefox Tor Browser

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