Dance of the Pope: viral video as a smartphone Killer – What’s behind it?

Dance of the Pope is a video that warns of the increasing for some time in social media mentions. Allegedly, the video of the dancing Pope containing a dangerous virus that infects the smartphone or computer and can cripple him. Is that really true?


The behind hoaxes, fakes and fraud on the Internet

On Facebook and WhatsApp appear periodically warnings before allegedly threatening dangers. Recently ensured e.g. the poisoned CDs in the mail some turmoil, about the same time was in front of a video WhatsApp warned that the iPhone to their knees. In the latter case it was true even &# 8211; most of these messages but turn out to be hoax. The latest example: An alleged &# 8220; killer video&# 8221; called Dance of The Pope, warns of the recently in Germany.

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The video allegedly formatted your smartphone and erase all data on it.

Dance of the Pope: Warning of virus in the video

The warning is widespread in social media or sent via WhatsApp or SMS &# 8211; The person receiving the message will also be asked to disseminate it, so that as many people from the Dance-of-the-Pope-Video out. What you can see exactly in the video, is not said &# 8211; the name (of the Pope dance) suggests that you probably should see the dancing Pope in the clip. The wording of the warning may be different from case to case, usually it reads but as follows:

If you have a video named &# 8220; Dance of the Pope&# 8221; get, please do not open &# 8211; this is a very bad virus! Please continue to spread!

Which virus is spread exactly with the video, is also not entirely clear &# 8211; sometimes but still warned that the malware the Formatting entire smartphone could so that all the data on them would then be gone. That sounds dramatic &# 8211; but there is this video (and the virus) really?

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Warning Hoax &# 8211; Dance of the Pope is a fake

Exactly these questions, the English website Hoax-Slayer, which has set itself the task of checking Internet Myths for their truth presented. In the US, the rumor around the Dance of the Pope circulating since early 2015 &# 8211; enough time for it to check whether the story is true.

Result of the search of Hoax-Slayer (and the website Hoax or Fact): The warning of the Dance of the Pope video is a hoax, that is fictitious. There is no evidence that such a video actually exists and no proven case in which a smartphone actually it affected. The name of the alleged &# 8220; killer videos&# 8221; probably refers to a clip where you can see Pope Francis, as he stumbled at a meeting of cardinals in early 2013, when he rose from his chair.

Dance of the Pope: Pope Francis sets out a two-step dance

Some YouTuber cut the video together so that it looks as if the Pope lying a Two-Step Dance &# 8211; the video can ye but without concerns on both the smartphone and the computer look, because it is completely harmless.

Even if this warning is a hoax &# 8211; in general, it is advisable course still take good care what you look at on the Internet or 'downloads. Files from dubious sources indeed often contain malicious software called malware that your computer or smart phone can pull affected. As a first measure it therefore should you an antivirus program or security apps for Android get to your device to protect.

Read also with us what is going on with this release at: Android phone can (13) Virus! / (4) virus infected.

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