Far Cry Primal: No co-op and multiplayer mode!

Anyone who has been looking forward to exciting co-op or multiplayer battles in the impressive setting of Far Cry Primal, which should now be disappointed. As has now been found, the game is a pure single-player title.


Wild animals instead of firearms! Far Cry Primal dares the experiment

On Steam already that in Far Cry Primal only the word "single player" was to be found was detected. This statement has caused confusion on the part of the players, which is why Ubisoft has now commented on this. Thus will also offer a multiplayer mode Far Cry Primal neither a co-op.

The developers want to fully concentrate on the best possible gaming experience in single player and represent the Stone Age as perfect as possible. It will wait completely new game mechanics to you who have asked the developer with major tasks. For this reason has already been decided at a very early stage of development that the title will not go beyond a single player mode and the focus is to fully and lie entirely on this. Far Cry Primal appear on February 23, 2016 Xbox One, PC and PlayStation. 4

Far Cry Primal 1

You want Far Cry Primal as early as possible get? Then it ordered you from now:

Here, the Stone Age is waiting for you!

Source: Wccftech

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