iPhone vs. X Galaxy S8: The Borderless smartphones compared

iPhone vs. X Galaxy S8: The Borderless smartphones compared

Peter Hryciuk
on 11/04/2017 at 17:00

The new iPhone X from Apple is now finally available in the market and now has to face in comparison to the Galaxy S8 from Samsung. Visually, Apple has caught up with the iPhone X, but it can outdo the Galaxy S8 from Samsung? Let's find out:

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Apple iPhone vs. X Samsung Galaxy S 8: Design and build quality

Apple iPhone X: After years with the same design has finally made with the iPhone X Apple to make a change the look of its flagship smartphones. The front is covered only by a display, the back is made of glass and the frame is made of metal chrome. Looks very timely in every case. The design of the dual camera has changed a bit, the hump has remained. When processing quality, there is nothing to criticize.

Samsung Galaxy S8: The South Korean company has introduced a completely new design with the Galaxy S8, which allows an almost borderless smartphone. this effect from the dual edge display is supported, so that the framework failed to narrow the display. The back is made of glass, the frame consists of metal. Everything is high quality and like the look.

Winner: Draw. and the Galaxy S8 exude a fresh design that the All-screen display trend in smartphones follows both the iPhone as X. It all depends on personal taste, whether you rather preferred a flat or curved display. Catcher are both models.

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