WhatsApp: Monitoring of friends is easy by vulnerability

The phone number at which you have registered with WhatsApp, enough to be fully monitored. A software developer has the vulnerability of the Messengers now revealed and demonstrated the possibilities. A frightening scenario.

WhatsApp: Monitoring of friends is easy by vulnerability

WhatsApp allows monitoring by phone number

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most widespread and most popular messenger in the world. On virtually any platform you can communicate with each other via the app without having to pay for it. but WhatsApp is not certain - that have confirmed earlier reports. Now, a new case is making the rounds, which allows the monitoring of people, of which you only need the phone number. You do not even have to come into contact or be friends.

The online status, through which you can see when a person has recently used WhatsApp, is the problem. For there can be created a complete motion profile. You can find out when a person sleeps, gets up or is woken up at night. If you have two phone numbers of people who know each other, you can find out if they are in contact regularly.


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How is such a WhatsApp monitoring possible?

The software developer Rob Heaton has programmed a Chrome extension that gathers by querying the messenger via the telephone number of the user data. It does not help also to disable the option that indicates when it was last seen. While this works on your phone, when you look at a profile of a contact, but not in the data query on the tool. The lax privacy policies favor the possibilities.

The query about the tool every 10 seconds. So you get exactly who is when active and can draw conclusions. Takes longer take any action, such as at night, the developer assumes that the person sleeps. to activity times overlap of two contacts, one can conclude that they communicate with each other.

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How can the problem be solved, is currently unknown. WhatsApp would shut down the online status at worst or prevent access by external tools on the net. Those who want to delve into the topic, can read the article by Rob Heaton on his website. What do you say?

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