Change iCloud password reset: how it works

About the iCloud of Apple you your data on up to ten Apple devices such as iPhone, Mac and iPad and Windows machines can keep in sync and access online. The data hiding behind its own account, which you have to save my password. To guard against cyber criminals and data theft, you should change his iCloud password regularly.

Change iCloud password reset: how it works

Only recently, as of the iCloud the focus of data security, as several accounts were hacked by celebrities and including many nude photos were stolen.


iOS 8

iCloud password change the PC and the iPhone

  • For iCloud same credentials are used such. As for iTunes and other Apple services.
  • Behind the Apple ID to put all your data and access to iOS devices and Apple services.
  • To change the password for iCloud and Apple ID, opens the corresponding Web page to manage your Apple ID.
  • "Manage your Apple ID" click on the top right.
  • Login you one with your Apple data used for the iCloud.
  • Links you can now select "Password and Security".
  • To prevent unauthorized change your password, you must answer the preset security issues.
  • "Change Password" By clicking you can set a new password.
  • Initially the old password for the Apple ID has to be entered, and then set the new iCloud password.
  • With "Save" to accept the setting.
  • The next time you log into the iCloud, the new password can now be used.

Change iCloud password reset: how it works

To change the iCloud password on iPhone or iPad, you can also take the path at the above URL at Apple.

Change iCloud Password: Forgot your password?

  • Do you have your iCloud password follows the same link and click instead of the blue buttons to "reset your password".
  • Now the Apple ID must be entered in the appropriate field.
  • Now some personal information is required.
  • Give one your full name and the email address used for iCloud.
  • Now you can either answer the security questions or reset the forgotten iCloud password via e-mail.
  • Now you can set a new password for the Apple ID and iCloud.

Change iCloud password reset: how it works

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