Android 6.1: New marshallow version with split-screen mode in June

History is repeated at the end does it? Comparatively surprisingly Google has conjured up in February this year Android 5.1 out of the hat, thus eliminating some of the biggest blunders, which at that time Android 5.0 Lollipop brought. A similar "interim release" could us before are also available with Android 6.1 soon, report the colleagues of Android geeks.

Android 6.1: New marshallow version with split-screen mode in June
Source: Takahiro Yamagiwa

According to their source that is very reliable claims to be and has often proved the Straight Dope in the past, Google will publish 6.1 Marshmallow in June Android. As can be seen on the small version jump, the next OS version should bring only minor innovations. Concretely, even by only two new features mentioned: First Android 6.1 will further refine the newly introduced in marshmallow app permissions, the other a split-screen mode is mentioned, which is to keep in Android 6.1 feed.

The latter in particular should like to hear owners of Android tablets, as Google's mobile OS has hardly been adapted for the larger display area which bring the Streichelrechner. The saddest example in this category is probably the pixel C, which is marketed by Google as productive tab, but the screen still can only run one app at the same time and thus as a working tool hardly is good. In a Reddit-AmA pixel C team has already announced for Android N to tinkering with a split-screen mode and wanting to reveal more in the near future. It is possible that Google has the streaky pixel C test reports have criticized the lack of split-screen mode sometimes very hard but be impressed and pulls the long-awaited feature now available.

Would greatly benefit from a split-screen mode: Google<Figcaption class =C. pixels "width =" 5472 "height =" 3078 "/> would benefit enormously from a split screen mode: Google's pixel C.

Android 6.1 Marshmallow: Presentation in June with Android N?

According to Android Geeks Android 6.1 will be released in June 2016th This could be introduced in 2016 the new marshmallow version along with a developer preview of Android N as part of the Google I / O, which traditionally keeps Google in May and June. Of course, always subject to the condition that the information from Android Geeks first need to turn out to be true.

Source: Android Geeks 

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