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Shutdown Timer makes it possible to equip the computer with a number of time- and event-driven commands.

If you want to shut down your PC does not always manually, but plan the shutdown, the free Shutdown Timer Download just the thing for you.

Should also be your computer for security at too high a temperature or wasting battery power automatically shut down after a big download is complete in the middle of the night? With its wide range of functions allows you the Shutdown Timer of Sinvise system shut down your computer by various criteria conform exactly to your needs.

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Width, convenient functionality

Composed of 4 areas can be specified at what time or for any reason an automated shutdown is to be made. Under &# 8220; Time & Date&# 8221; (times & Data) can be set to the minute when the PC shuts down. The feature will also allow you to set multiple tasks at once. So not only the next but more future shutdowns are marked. Of course, you can edit or delete already created tasks at any time.

The area &# 8220; CPU & Memory&# 8221; (CPU & Memory) provides power down the computer for security option, once it reaches a critical temperature or CPU usage. An excessively high memory can be set as a situation in which the computer shuts down automatically. Thus overheating and damage to the hardware can be avoided. To achieve an accurate temperature measurement, can the tool &# 8220; Core Temp&# 8221; install a plug-in.

If you want an automated shutdown after completion of a larger downloads, you will be in &# 8220; Network&# 8221; range (network) find. Once the download is complete, the tool shuts down the computer. This saves power and money.

Sometimes an automatic shutdown of the PC is unfavorable, however, such as when still a certain process runs in the background, which should be completed before the shutdown. In shutdown timer can be used under &Processes; 8220&# 8221; (Processes) in addition choose any amount of time that elapses before the actual shutdown in order to avoid such a situation.

Screenshot of the timing of Shutdown Timer
Automatic shutdown after a download &# 8211; with Shutdown Timer

Clear and simple user interface

The knitted simple user interface is selectively gray blue or silver selectable colors. are displayed as buttons different areas in the center. So you can access easily from the home screen to each menu item. Then it's back again with the button &Home; # 8220&# 8221 ;. In the context menu on the home page, you can specify the particular procedure. These include not only the &# 8220; Shutdown&# 8221; (Shutdown, power off) also &Restart; # 8220&# 8221; (Restart) &Logoff; # 8220&# 8221; (User Account unsubscribe) or &# 8220; Put to Sleep Monitor&# 8221; (Monitor off).

In addition to the off and logging off, you can open automatically with the Shutdown Timer also programs or websites. If your computer plan automatically shutdown because the temperature of the PC is too high, thanks to the option &# 8220; Open File / Program&# 8221; (Open file / program) a backup &# 8211; a so-called backup &# 8211; be made to avoid unnecessary data loss.

Under the small wheel on the right bottom of the window to find the settings, &Settings; # 8220&# 8221; called. Here you can make basic settings of the program. Under the tab &# 8220; Notifications&# 8221; A message can be activated to warn the user 30 seconds before the shutdown of the computer and thus allows you to store still open documents. So you can easily avoid the loss of data. It can also be set so that the shutdown timer automatically starts with the boot time or that the launch of the tool is secured with a password.

Beside it is the feedback function that is displayed as a small letter and through which you can pass on suggestions and criticisms to the developers.

The shutdown timer for download &# 8211; a free, helpful tool

Thanks to the different areas you can almost tailor-made to adapt the switching off of your computer to your needs. The shutdown can be set by time, temperature, or other criteria. The user interface is clear, intuitive and free of flourishes or unnecessary settings. Unfortunately, the software is offered only in English and can make a use for users, which the corresponding terms are unknown, difficult.

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