Mass Effect – Andromeda: create, import and upload character

The fourth part of the series is its predecessors not unlike terms of character creation. In Mass Effect: Andromeda you choose again between woman or man. To create a character who must bring their time. The options are in fact numerous.

But if you want any time put into the character creation and rather just with Mass Effect: Andromeda start, you have still a possibility. Electronic Arts has in fact created a website to life with her prefabricated protagonists of other fans of the series download and import into play can. We show you all the ways her in Mass Effect: create a character Andromeda, import, and can upload to your friends. Will you instead import your game, you should read elsewhere.


Mass Effect - Andromeda: Character generate in the game

Generate Character: With sliders to happiness

The character creation in Mass Effect 4 is their predecessors very similar. There are again some controls that let you sift through the face of the protagonists. So it is not only the sex and the right hairstyle, but also chooses regardless of whether you want to create an individual look. Do you want instead plunge you right into the adventure, we recommend you the standard appearance.

Mass Effect now: Andromeda Pre and play on March 23

You go deeper into the character creation of Mass Effect: Andromeda, you come to first preset heads. At these then you work your way along to favorite Pathfinder with which you want to spend the next few hours, days and weeks. Are you done with your players, you've got to have but model a twin. Here now starts the entire creation from the beginning.

What a handsome young man. We have modeled us for half an hour a character, and then yet remain at the end of the standard.

What a handsome young man. We have modeled us for half an hour a character, and then yet remain at the end of the standard.

Is the character created, but you can not play. You have to get one more superior name and your adjust past. What is the meaning of the latter, is can also reveal the game progresses. We played only 5 hours, and could hardly connections to the predecessors involved.

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This hype games ended as a big flop

Import and upload character with game and EA site

In the game you have the chance, your upload character data. Making sure that you have an active Internet connection, so it works out. Once you click Confirm & click Start Game, the data is uploaded simultaneously. You can also choose among them, import character data. So who does not want to tinker its own protagonists or simply wants to only inspire, should look at the website

The website is there not yet in German. Furthermore, is still under Beta status. You can not sign you. Are the works but complete, you must sign up you with an EA account here.

Quite simply: & quot; character data import & quot; Select and you did you save hours in the generation!

Very easily: &# 8220; import character data&# 8221; Select and you did you save hours in the generation!

On the website you will later have the opportunity to upload your characters and to share with others. In addition, you can get reviews from other players. Once you are logged in, you click you easily through the archive and select those characters with whom you want to play. once connected to your EA Account, can you now switch to the game and simply click Import character data. So fast can create character in Mass Effect 4 to go!

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