Facebook: “On this day” app for the personal account

Facebook builds the personal profile on to virtual poetry album and performs the "On This Day" feature one. In this way you will be reminded again of past personal Facebook moments.


The "On this day" option has already been tested for months and is now being rolled out to all profiles. You can find the personal account in the left menu bar under the "Apps".


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Facebook "On this day": The Daily Review on the social network

In addition, age-old Facebook posts in your news feed on the Facebook home are scattered. The nostalgic posts appear automatically. You can share the old posts from the past once again, so dust off about one or the other "Hachja, I remember" -Like. Through the "On This Day" feature the Facebook makers try to access the nostalgic feelings of users. After all, you certainly remembers fondly a photo that you have uploaded exactly two years ago in the social network, or to a song that was shared at this time before the 365th Facebook wants with emotion the visit on the social network even more.


In the nostalgic area of ​​Facebook both their own contributions displayed and posts on which one was labeled by others. Contributions are initially visible only to the profile owner himself, can be brought back into the collective memory through the "Share" button but again.

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What happened a year ago on Facebook: "On this day" app knows it

A separate algorithm is to ensure that negative posts are filtered out. Remains to be seen if then actually no pictures of ex-girlfriend suddenly emerge again or a painful reminder of the now deceased dog is caused again by the "On This Day" app. You reach the section for the Facebook memories www.facebook.com/onthisday under the appropriate URL. Who does not rediscover his old Facebook posts and "On This Day" on Facebook will not see click on the top right to "Off".


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