Clean water: 3 methods of generating clean drinking water

This guide shows you three methods that can clean their your water. This may be necessary if it is stuck in the wilderness or have the assumption that bacteria or parasites might be in the water. So you will not get sick &# 8211; read this and realize it yourselves!

Clean water: 3 methods of generating clean drinking water

Water is one of the most important resources on which humans depend. Without water we can not survive long term. However, contaminated water can make us very sick, so you should be aware of the quality of drinking water. In the event of a disaster or when traveling to countries with uncertain quality of drinking water to help you the following four tips for water purification.

1. old school and well known: boiling

As long as you have a container and fire or a stove or cooker is available, the decoction is one sure way:

  • Fills the water in a container (fire resistant).
  • Places it on the flame or the stove.
  • Wait until it boils. That you recognize the bubbling of the water or on the bubbles.
  • Let the water boil for about 20 minutes so that all the bacteria die.

Bacteria do not survive this ordeal, insofar as you can the water then safely drink. Many chemicals can be so removed by evaporation from the water. Solids, metals or minerals are not destroyed by boiling. If you have a suspicion, such substances are in the water, then let it after cooking a time are long, because then drop these components of the water to the ground.

Boil water is an old and sensible method to purify water

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2. Insert tablets for water purification

Taste a fiasco, but very safe, even the military uses such tablets. As most tablets contain iodine, pregnant women need women with thyroid disease or those taking lithium be very careful and should consult their doctor for safety's sake.

  • The tablets gets her in outdoor stores, but also in online trading *Clean water: 3 methods of generating clean drinking water.
  • Note the instructions for use and conveyed to you afterwards. Make sure that the pills work best when the temperature is not too cold. RMS is a temperature around 21 degrees.
  • Waiting for the dissolution of the tablet at least half an hour, because the bacteria have to be killed and die.
  • If the water is too strong taste of chlorine or otherwise uncomfortable, you can add a little flavor.

water can be cleaned with tablets*Clean water: 3 methods of generating clean drinking water

3. Use water cleaner or bottle with built-cleaner

Just when you are frequently traveling in areas where you have to frequently clean your water, it is recommended that a special device or equal to a detergent bottle to purchase.

  • The Aquapure Traveler *Clean water: 3 methods of generating clean drinking water Although not cheap, but is a convenient and safe accessory for traveling. This bottle has an integrated cleaning system that the water of chemicals, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and fecal freed.
  • Useful for outdoor activities is also a portable pump design *Clean water: 3 methods of generating clean drinking water.

can also be used to purify water pumps

Lightweight and easy to transport &# 8211; a water purification pump


In this video you'll get another outdoor survival variant shown:

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