Weight Watchers Meetings: Find, schedule and more

If you are a member of Weight Watchers, or want to be, you can replace you at Weight Watchers meetings with other members and talk about tips, tricks and current issues regarding diet and exercise. We tell you the following guide where you can find such meetings and what can you expect from them.

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at Weight Watchers you have the advantage that you are participating not only on a regulated program, you live healthier by that, but you can also share with other people you. And not just on forums or other digital platforms, but with proper meeting. So learns you also happen to be new people know. If you have no desire for the program, we'll show you elsewhere, as you can cancel Weight Watchers. We also tell you how the dots be calculated at Weight Watchers.

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Weight Watchers Meetings: So you quickly find a meeting

If you are already a member, you can comfortably on the website of Weight Watchers after your Post Code Search and find in this way meeting near you. Now find their addresses, the approximate distance and the dates of the meetings. The To meet every week usually find one place at a fixed time. In especially loved meeting places it is quite possible that even held several meetings in a day.

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Also at the meetings of the Weight Watchers healthy eating is the focus. © Shutterstock.com

Weight Watchers meetings: requirements and procedure

In order to participate in meetings of Weight Watchers, you must already be a member of the program. If you want just one whiff, there is a so-called monthly pass. That you may have in addition to the meetings also have access to online content and the app by Weight Watchers. The course of a meeting so you can imagine:

  • A meeting usually lasts 30 minutes
  • weekly, new topics and surprises
  • open exchange and motivation
  • Talk with the teacher and coach &# 8211; Time for personal discussions after the meetings

Depending on Group composition cooked together or discussed recipes. In focus but there is always the motivation: either by success stories of members or challenges of everyday life that you can share with the group.

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