Game Launcher: Samsung launches Galaxy S7 feature on Galaxy S6 smartphones

So far, the Game Launcher was exclusive to the Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 edge and facilitated there avid smartphone gamers life. After months of waiting, the practical gaming tool is now available for devices of the Galaxy S6 Series and the Galaxy Note. 5 


Samsung Galaxy S7: Game Launcher in the Hands-On

With the Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 edge Samsung introduced at the time the game launcher (video above). Initially derided as useless gimmick, the app a passionate fan base could gather behind him very quickly.

Besides being able to have all the games installed on the smartphone is not clear in one place, the Game Launcher while playing may, inter alia disable the capacitive keys or suppress notifications. In addition, the Game Launcher is also able to capture video from the game and the recordings upload directly to YouTube - who wanted to be so Gronkh ever want competition and Let's-Play-Star, will have with the Game Launcher his bright pleasure.


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Game Launcher for Galaxy S6 models and Galaxy Note 5

Without big announcement, Samsung has now brought the game launcher on the models of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note. 5 In concrete terms, that is, the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge + and the Galaxy Note 5 are supported. However, the practical application is not in the Google Play store, but can be downloaded via the Galaxy apps on the Samsung smartphone. Just search for "Game Launcher" and install the app following.

The first time you start it should be noted that the game launcher for proper function requires the Game Tools and there is a corresponding download available. you tune this to the Game Tools on the Game Launcher to install and use the latter, nothing stands in the way.


The Game Launcher can be downloaded via the Galaxy Apps.

Game Launcher also in Austria and Switzerland?

In a short test on our part of the game launcher made no problems and worked as promised. The app has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 6.0.1 marshmallow. Whether the Game Launcher on the Galaxy Apps in our neighboring German-speaking countries can be downloaded, we can not say. What our Austrian and Swiss readers must try for yourself.

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