Facebook: How can block their advertising and off

You can annoying banner ads on Facebook to block or turn off the personalized advertising that displays Facebook in the timeline or on the edge of the page. There is also some settings within Facebook, you can also manage you with special software to disable the Facebook advertising. We show you in this guide both.

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Like many online services also funded Facebook through advertising and ads that get displayed on its side of the user. Sometimes the advertising appears on the edge of the page, but often directly in the timeline. In general, this is quite understandable, since Facebook has to earn money &# 8211; from time to time as well as advertising can show up, which is particularly annoying or you simply disturbing. In this case, you can turn off the advertising at least partially or block &# 8211; We show you how.

off Facebook Advertising

Individual displays can be manually switched off &# 8211; but you can also use a Adblocker or make some settings in Facebook itself.

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So you turn off the Facebook Advertising

If you see an ad on Facebook that you do not like, you can temporarily deactivate it. Here's how it works:

  1. Ride with the mouse over the ad and click on the arrow on the top right of the display.
  2. A new window is opening up &# 8211; click hide below option advertisement.
  3. Now you can even specify a reason you would not see advertising from.
  4. If desired, you can also block all messages from this company.

Facebook Product Image

Downsides: you block the advertisement only temporary &# 8211; want to devote their banners and overlays of companies on Facebook permanently, you should therefore a so-called install Adblocker for your browser. This is a plugin for the browser that displays advertisements specifically filters out and off. A reliable Adblocker is AdBlock Plus, can ye shall download directly from us for different browsers.

  • AdBlock Plus for Firefox
  • AdBlock for Chrome
  • AdBlock Plus for Opera

Are you mobile on your smartphone or tablet go, can you install AdBlock Plus you also go:

  • AdBlock Plus for Android
  • AdBlock Plus for Safari

It is even simpler, if ye umsteigt mobile on the Facebook Messenger app for Android or iPhone, since you come here not as good as with advertising in touch. Do you use Facebook in the browser and blocks the advertising, it may incidentally occur that it is not displayed or displayed incorrectly in some pages. In this case, you have to advertising temporarily on again. In general, you should but keep in mind that Facebook and other sites can be used for free precisely because advertising.


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turn off personalized advertising in Facebook &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Recently, Facebook has drawn the ire of many users to be because the companies now increasingly relies on personalized advertising and to also requests data on the members specifically. Last worried about the planned integration with the instant messenger WhatsApp stir &# 8211; also it came to use the collected data as an excuse to switch targeted ads.

off Facebook ads

Personalized advertising on Facebook can you prevent partially.

In the settings of Facebook you can this personalized ads but off, and (at least partially) prevent Facebook to collect data for advertising purposes over you. so goes&# 8217; s.

  1. On the Facebook home page you click the top right of the arrow and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Now you click on the left column of ads.
  3. In the following menu (see screenshot) click her then in the first three columns each Edit and then select the following options from the drop-down menus:
  4. Show interest-based online advertising ads: Off.
  5. Ads show based on my Facebook settings for ads on apps and websites of Facebook company: no.
  6. Include my social actions regarding my advertisements for: Nobody.

In the last column advertisements based on my settings you can also click Edit &# 8211; it then passes to the following screen where her interests and topics see that Facebook considered relevant because of your surfing habits.

Facebook interests personalized advertising

Here you is Facebook because of your past behavior your interests and preferences. You can delete the subject areas but easy.

Click to remove one of the blocks and then click the X at the top right, select a specific theme. then you will not get more publicity to this area of ​​interest. Indeed Facebook collects with the settings made above continue data &# 8211; So you have this area clean at regular intervals.

Generally use website operators and companies like Facebook like read out the cache and cache in your Internet browser to promotional data from it. so you should clear the cache from time to time.

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