5 Fantheorien: So The Walking Dead is going to end

At the moment, we all eagerly await the resolution of one of the nastiest Cliffhanger recent series history and can not wait that &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; goes into the next round. But although further seasons of the Zombie March are planned, it is clear that the one day series will come to an end. Therefore, we have compiled five Fantheorien that deal with the end of the series. Even if it is only speculation, so we send but requires a SPOILER WARNING, after one of the theories could vote yes! 

5 Fantheorien: So The Walking Dead is going to end
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5 Fantheorien: So The Walking Dead is going to end

We begin with a look back at the controversial finale of the sixth season and present our speculations to Negans large appearance in the video (Warning: spoilers):


The end of the sixth season of The Walking Dead

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1. Fantheorie: The zombies are evolving and humanity goes under

Virus could evolve, so why not infected by the zombie virus people? Maybe they will someday no longer &# 8220; slightly&# 8221; his killing and build their fairly rudimentary skills from now? In this case, the last hour of humanity would be defeated and the Earth would evolve into a real zombie planet. A tragic end that we may not really perceive as realistic, but draw the colleagues from Looper seriously consider.

2. Fantheorie: Winning the people and stamp out the zombies

A happy ending is indeed currently hardly conceivable series creator Robert Kirkman but has already indicated in a podcast of Mark Maron, an optimistic ending for &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; to wish. This scenario would, of course, the over-fulfillment of his concern, but could also occur as Fantheorie no. 1st

3. Fantheorie: people discover Utopia

We do not know whether the entire US are already infected by zombies, after all, only a few countries have so far been scoured on the east coast. Maybe not exist but a place where a human life is possible and that can not be achieved by zombies. This solution would be a compromise of optimism and pessimism, which could provide as a fan service the mainstream satisfied.

4. Fantheorie: An antidote is found and stopped the pandemic

This theory might be true in theory. An antidote could be the one to ensure that the virus is stopped and no further infect humans. On the other hand it could also be administered already infected people, to stop their bloodlust. In its original state it would not restore, maybe the state could in this scenario from the non-infected people but are controlled.

5. Fantheorie: The Walking Dead ends with Rick

tells of the beginning  &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; the tragic life story of Rick. The popular character is one last scene from the whole series. But how could this be? Does she play in Utopia or device that do to the end point of a great triumph against the undead? What do you all mean? We look forward to your suggestions in the comments!


The Walking Dead Season 6 - Promo Trailer # 2

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