upload files and share: 5 free online storage compared

The magic word &Cloud, 8220&# 8221 ;: Where you had earlier still looking desperately for free online storage, equal today are a variety of cloud services available. With a free account you can upload files and share, edit, and accessible from anywhere. Whether for backups, transferring large files over the network or cooperation &# 8211; here 5 free online storage, set the GigaByte Gigabyte available.

upload files and share: 5 free online storage compared

Top 5: Free online storage

1. dropbox

dropboxDropbox is the market leader among the online-only stores. Here Dropbox can do more than just uploaded files to secure and make available to others: For example, the files in the cloud and on the computer (PC, Mac, Linux) keep always in sync, and access mobile apps to the data. The free account includes 2 GB of storage, the data is secured with AES 256-bit encryption, transmission takes place via SSL.

Cloud storage Dropbox

2. Google Drive

google driveWho one Google account has (ie not only Gmail and YouTube etc.), has the same access to free storage on Google Drive. Each user has 25 GB available, you can upload files and share not only, but also create new documents, and together with other (simultaneously) edit a Word-like word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. Google Doc files can also be exported then, for example, as Microsoft Excel and Word files, or PDF.

Online storage Google Drive

3. SkyDrive

upload files and share: 5 free online storage comparedThe cloud storage from Microsoft provides 7GB of available after registration. SkyDrive has apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), can also be incorporated in sync from the desktop, and allows collaborative editing of Microsoft Office files online.

Microsoft SkyDrive

4. DriveOnWeb

driveonwebThe three previously mentioned cloud storage are affected very popular US services from the PRISM program. If this is too uncertain, given e.g. with DriveOnWeb a free, safer alternative. Private users get 3 GB of disk space, here are working with 256-bit SSL encryption and data protection according to German regulations. Files can be uploaded and shared, mobile access is also available.

Online storage at DriveOnWeb

5. ADrive

ADriveADrive provides equal to 50 GB of storage in the free account. for it is&around it to share s advertising access only through the browser or make online collaboration except files; #. 8217 Who wants above all files to upload and make available to get free much space here.

ADrive online storage

Who wants to be even more secure, can set up their own cloud storage with ownCloud or seafile. worth a look is perhaps Mega, the new service of Kim Dotcom. And the Apple store iCloud provides 5 GB available and is of interest not only for Mac users.

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