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The island adventure ARK: Survival Evolved can you either individually or play in multiplayer. If you opt for the latter, it is advisable to join a tribe or tribe. Do you want to find a tribe or create even yourself, you have many benefits, instead of drawing a lone soldier on the island.

ARK: Survival Evolved is rather conceived as a multiplayer game, but that you can also play as a lone Islander. Closes ye one of the many tribes, you have not only advantages, the you can level up quickly. In the team you are stronger, to opponents, that dinosaurs or other players to defeat. All you have to know her on stem, can be found in the following Guide.

In ARK: Survival Evolved you families can start to fight with other players

In ARK: Survival Evolved you families can start to fight with other players

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: find or create stem &# 8211; It's your choice

in a tribe interact, has many advantages. The most significant are listed below:

  • Which it provides predominance represent and be protected from attacks by other players.
  • you reach common goal, such as to catch a T-Rex and tame or build a large village.
  • Accordingly used her everything together and shares it with others. So you are allowed the houses and tamed dinosaurs of the other members use.
  • You gain faster experience (XP). Your example, shares the XP one another. So building a tribal member a house, you can also get points.
  • You can Spawnpunkte specify. So you have a common meeting point, if you lose you.

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Of course there are not only advantages. You must also remember that from these positive points for the group also negative effects on an individual result. So if you have already tamed Dinos before accession in a trunk or collected useful resources, they belong on membership to the Tribe. Do you want to tribe so again leave, you have to make absolutely sure to flow your stuff back in your possession.

Together with other tribe members can overwhelm their strong Dinos

Together with other tribe members can overwhelm their strong Dinos

You seek an appropriate strain, can you see on various portals afterwards. There are, for example, a Umbrella organization for German-speaking ARK player, who even set up a set of rules. The group found on the Steam page of the clan. More Tribes be found in the German ARK forum. There are even tribes with players who come from certain cities or states.

So can you Dinos in ARK tame

There are Three different types of Tribes, most of which are mentioned in the name of the tribe:

  • PVE (Player versus Enemie): are hereby peaceful meant tribes that jointly tame unique Dinos or join together to fight bosses, such as Broodmother Lysrix.
  • PVP (Player versus Player): The aim here is to attack enemy tribes to establish alliances and fight.
  • RP (Role Play): In this type their chats as a character and you have in your role stay.

Tackled together other tribes or close together you to tame rare Dinos

Tackled together other tribes or close together you to tame rare Dinos

start his own tribe

to start his own tribe, is in ARK: Survival Evolved not difficult. You must follow these steps:

  1. opens the inventory.
  2. Click on the option Tribe manager.
  3. Here you can now set up their own base and define the characteristics of the Tribes.

Survive in the snow biome? so goes&# 039; s

Tribe management you also can the Tribe leave. Do you want friends to your Tribe invite, you have to have permission for it. In a tribe you can namely various positions occupy. Click on the character of your friend and then operates the action button, so that the Interaktionsrad opens. Here you will find the interaction Invite.

leave a Tribe

Do you want one leave tribe, you have to make absolutely sure that your tamed Dinos and your inventory to stay with you. Are you the Founder of a tribe and want to join another, does not click Accept, but first on Merge. you do not do that and all Dinos and houses owned by the Tribe (Tribe Owned), you lose everything in the resolution.

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