consent.exe – What is the Windows process? Deactivate?

If you annoying Windows Process consent.exe, you can disable it. We show how this works and what you should pay attention to her case.

consent.exe - What is it?

The process consent.exe running in Task Manager. Source:

The process consent.exe running in Task Manager. Source:

  • The process consent.exe is a process from Microsoft Windows, so comes officially from Microsoft.
  • It belongs to the Consent UI for Administrative Applications (consent user interface for management applications).
  • The associated EXE file be found in the C: \ Windows \ System32
  • It is depending on the version about 110 to 150 KB in Windows.

consent.exe disable

The process may be blocked after every restart Windows and executable programs. He can also provide high CPU utilization. Only when you finish consent.exe the process via Task Manager, Windows does the order again.

  • If the file is not in the above directory, it maybe is a virus that has been written into the startup. You should then disable appropriate startup programs.
  • Basically, you should not delete the file or remove, unless you are sure it is a virus. Checks that by her start your virus scanner and scans your hard drive.
  • You can consent.exe off by her disables UAC UAC, but this also has disadvantages, because it is a security mechanism is turned off.
  • Checks your computer with the tools AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove adware.

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