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The VLC media player is presented with its extensive support for many video formats and functionality now available on Android devices.

With the VLC Media Player for Android Download one has the feature-rich and versatile media player on Android devices at hand. Especially the large-scale support many different audio and video formats makes the VLC Media Player one of the most popular solutions for playing media files on computers and smartphones. Also on the smartphone app impresses by supporting almost all popular formats.

After installing the app, the Android phone searches for previously installed video and audio files. These are then each stored in a list in order to access it immediately.

VLC Media Player for Android Download Screenshot
With VLC Media Player to almost all popular video and audio files can be played on Android devices

see with the Vlc Media Player for Android Download video files and streams on your smartphone

With VLC Media Player for Android Download you can see the video content both on edge, to play as well in landscape mode. Including subtitles and different languages ​​can play for Android with the VLC Media Player, if they are incorporated into the appropriate video file. you do not want to video files in the Android memory access, but access TV and video deals on the net, you can these directly via the VLC app on the smartphone stream. Also, tags and information many media files reads the VLC Media Player for Android from any problems.

Since this is the VLC Media Player for Android nor a Beta version untreated, it can lead to one or the other function impairment. It may be sometimes that some video files will not play, or asynchronous audio tracks occur.

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