The Walking Dead – Road To Survival: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

The sixth season of The Walking Dead is fast approaching. In order to shorten the waiting time, you can own part of the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead are. With Road To Survival is now an exciting app game for Android and iOS in which you can play the role of a hero of the comic and television series.

The Walking Dead - Road To Survival: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

Thus the survival does not fall too hard, you will find an overview of the best tips and tricks for The Walking Dead here: Road To Survival. The app can now be downloaded for free for Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.


The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Trailer

The Walking Dead - Road To Survival: Tips and tricks for survival

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is a mix of building simulation and role-playing. It is not unloving license imitation, after all, the head of the series, Robert Kirkman, even worked on the app. Playing should be noted that not the series, but the comic series served as a model for implementation. The game attacks directly the action, got to see in the second season, the expert on the TV series: the conflict with the governor and his subjects in Woodbury.

The first step is to build your base to train skills for combat. There is also a role-playing part, evolved over the ye your team and antretet against adversaries.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

QR code

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Developer: Scopely
Price: Free

Walking Dead: Road to Survival

QR code

Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Developer: Scopely *
Price: Free

The game consists of three types of missions:

  • In the raids you compete against real players from around the world to climb with victories in the world rankings.
  • About the world it drives the story forward and have to deal with there different missions and tasks.
  • On the map reaches its additional tasks that provide especially for new rewards, weapons and items.


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The Walking Dead - Road To Survival: Tips for Building

In addition to the attack of the basic structure is a core element of The Walking Dead: Road To Survival.

  • In order to bring the building to a higher level and open up a new field for additional building, initially the City Hall must be removed accordingly.
  • To ensure that no resources are wasted, the material stock should also be upgraded regularly.
  • In the shop articles can be made that are used in combat, z. As healing items.

The Walking Dead - Road To Survival: Tips for the attack

In the battle mode, your team is made up of up to six participants. Each member has unique characteristics with different core strengths.

  • Before fighting against the biters or human opponent you can often already see their skills. Does your teams, according to the opponent's skills.
  • Moreover, using the icon on the screen you can once again bring to the screen the skills of your troops. Selects the weapons according to the capabilities.
  • In the battle screen enemies can be attacked with a tap targeted. combat action can be taken over by the AI ​​on the arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  • In general, it is always in the fight to attack the opponent, who is one the next.
  • can be used with the "noise" particularly strong attacks. Look away the noise, therefore, in the most critical moments.
  • biter is located behind walls and other obstacles, not send your melee going on, but edited the adversary with ranged weapons.


Does The Walking Dead Road To Survival Cheats?

As with all games, arises in connection with The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, the question of cheats. The game is available for free in the Google Play Store for Android and in the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone. The developers refinance the game through in-app purchases. So can you z. B. move faster in the game with real money or buy new coins. Cheats for Free Coins and free items therefore do not exist. Often found in the network provider that you an allegedly chopped The Walking Dead: want to foist Road To Survival APK with which you get all premium content for free. However, this is merely fraudulent content over the z. B. intercepted your password or the smart phone or the PC is infected with a virus.

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