KML file: Open, create, share

KML file: Open, create, share

Usually know a recipient of a KML file, what he can do with it. But if not, usually helps also do not double. KML is a way of navigation and map coordinates to pass a file. Here you find out what you can start by everything.

KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is a kind of programming language that is used by various applications as a storage and export format. Frequently you will find this format on sites that deal with Google Earth. To use them, it is probably the easiest to perform a Google Earth download and install it.


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open KML files

Google Earth is once installed, opening a KML file is easy. Because Google Earth is linked during setup with this format and with the KMZ format. The latter is exactly the same, only in compressed form.

kml file google earth

With Google Earth, we can use the routes from KML files

A KML file contains a set of coordinates that can be combined into one route. Some navigation systems and GPS devices record such data, so you can export it and use it later. Google Earth can map them on a map or on satellite images and display. There are other programs that can work with KML files. So, for example, the free 3D renderer Blender. But at the same time map display makes the right sense.

Creating KML and pass

Google Earth can read a route as a KML not only, but self-created data also export. The program uses a standard format, the KMZ files. This is the same file contents. They have only been compressed. Programs like 7-Zip can unpack them and then you will find the content a KML file, which is larger by several times. But you can save the data as a KML file. We have a choice when saving.

save file kml

Google Earth can save a KMZ or optionally KML

So, to save a location or a self-created route in KML format compatible, we need the source to only the left menu &Location; # 8220&# 8221; Select and then click the right mouse button. Among many other menu items we'll find the point &Save Place As; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

The results are usually not very big, so we can ship about email problems. The recipient can immediately open it in Google Earth and see everything we have created for this location after saving. Tour marks, but also added labels or drawn boundaries. These KML files are often used in traveling communities, but also in scientific field work in archeology or documentation of observations of nature.

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