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Who can do anything with WhatsApp, Kik Messenger is the a welcome instant messaging alternative that does not need to hide from the big competitors. The Kik Messenger is free to download for Android and iPhone and installed.

Just like WhatsApp and Co. are the messages to friends and contacts via SMS not sent in real time online via the Internet. In addition to the Kik Messenger in the Google Play Store and iTunes, the application is found on BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The advantage of Kik that the app can be installed without detours on many tablets.

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The download button on the right leads you to the Google Play Store for Kik Messenger download, alternatively you can the app through the attached buttons here to install on devices from other platforms. Both the download and the use of Kik Messenger are free.

Kik Messenger: download for smartphone

Of course, the Messenger not only offers the possibility to send text messages. Also media data can be sent as from a smartphone to another, regardless of whether it is photos or videos. The sketches can also send images drawn on the Kik Messenger. Advantage over WhatsApp is the opportunity to exchange directly from the chat window GIF animations with others. Email GIF images with WhatsApp: about

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Unlike WhatsApp contacts are not available through the telephone number from the address book. The Kik Messenger rather follows the approach of the ICQ previously used and is based on a user name. other users can be contacted by user name, even if the contacts were not replaced.

The app was not found in the store.


QR code

Developer: Kik Interactive
Price: Free


QR code

Developer: Kik Interactive Inc. *
Price: Free

Kik Messenger: the free WhatsApp alternative

And group messages can be sent via Kik, to write so with up to 50 people simultaneously. So not everyone can read, private groups can be set up. In addition, the persons of those who wish to contact one, be restricted by filter can. Worldwide, the Kik Messenger over 200 million users.

  • Chat without phone number, only username
  • Filters for contacts
  • Text MESSAGES, images, GIF



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  • Kik Messenger - Android App

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    Kik Messenger - Android App

    Kik Messenger - Android App

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