Age of Empires 4: Microsoft officially announces fourth part of

At gamescom 2017 Microsoft has officially announced a fourth part of Age of Empires. A first teaser provides outlook for the real-time strategy game.


Age of Empires 4 - GIGA @ gamescom


During a birthday event in Cologne for more than 20 years of existence of the Age of Empires series Microsoft confirmed in addition to the Definitive Editions for Parts 2 and 3 also has a new full-fledged part of the series. The trailer and impressions from the party you see in the video above.

On Twitter also followed an official announcement:


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gamescom 2017: These games can be found at the fair

The game will be released exclusively for Windows 10th The new game will also work alongside Microsoft Relic Entertainment, the show is responsible for about Dawn of War. A release date or more accurate information on the setting there is not yet meanwhile.

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