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Amazon Prime: The 11 best anime in the stream

Selim Baykara
on 28/08/2017 at 17:10

The streaming provider Amazon Video is for anime fans so far not necessarily been the first choice - now the offer but may well be proud. Do you have the Amazon Prime membership, you can watch a lot of anime even watch no extra cost. So you can concentrate on the essentials the same, we have picked out for you the 11 best Japanese-Zeichentrickflime on Amazon Prime.

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In recent months, Amazon has steadily expanded its range of anime series and films. The quality of synchronization or subtitling is steadily improving. Amazon still is not quite there where Netflix is ​​- but the difference is getting smaller. Fans of Japanese animated films can now access a fairly good selection, than for you includes both new releases, old favorites absolute genre classic.

The best anime series and movies on Amazon Prime

For real otaku and users of streaming sites like Crunchyroll Amazon's offering is of course quite manageable. The great advantage of Amazon *Amazon Prime: The 11 best anime in the stream - Picture 1 - Pictures series - GIGA however, is that you have to pay nothing for the anime, in many cases, if you are a member of Amazon Prime and uses the streaming Flash. Who is not quite so deeply into the matter, will be busy with the anime Amazon definitely for many hours.

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To separate the wheat from the chaff, we sent our Anime experts from the service, so that they look at the Amazon anime even know. The result of their work will find in our Photogallery: We have for you the best 11 anime series and movies picked (10 lists, each). Among them you will certainly find some familiar names, Amazon has also newer anime in the program, which should ye take a look!

Enjoy the best in our opinion anime Amazon Video!

(If we have missed something you think, you are allowed to us, of course, like to tell in the comments.)

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