see series, movies and sports on demand: Sky Anytime

The pay-TV broadcaster Sky is expanding its program continuously. Only recently, the access to the streaming service Sky Go for all Sky customers was activated free of charge. With Sky Anytime you now have the opportunity, similar to Watch Ever * and Co. to watch movies, series and documentaries on demand.

see series, movies and sports on demand: Sky Anytime

However, Sky Anytime is available only to customers who have a Sky + receiver.

Sky Anytime Cost: series and movies whenever you want

When Sky + receiver is the hard disks receiver of the pay-TV provider. About Sky Anytime you can access all programs and movies that are underway at Sky. In addition, you can then access movies and shows on Sky Select. Similar to max cathedrals and Co. offer at Sky Anytime changed regularly. The exchange rate is even higher for Sky Anytime. Movies are generally replaced after about a month with new offers.


Game Of Thrones and more whenever you want at Sky Anytime (Screenshot:


You can choose between regularly around 400 titles. It may be the latest movies and events, but also to entire series seasons. To enable Sky Anytime, the blue button on the remote control of the Sky + receiver must be pressed only. With the yellow key individual shopping list can be created in order to view all future highlights on offer from Sky Anytime.

Click here for Sky Anytime

You have to pay for Sky einamlig 169 € to get asked to Sky + HD hard disk receiver available.

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Bundesliga transfer movies and Co. with Sky Go on TV - the possibilities

Sky Anytime: Game Of Thrones Season 4, Robocop and more

  • Sky on demand at no additional cost
  • Movies, series, sports, documentaries, children's programs, shows
  • Up to 400 different titles
  • Sky Select chargeable with individual start date
  • Watch list highlights

Gallery Sky Go app

  • (Figure 1.6):
    Sky Go for Android (UK)

  • (Figure 6.2):
    Sky Go for Android (UK)

  • (Figure 3.6):
    Sky Go for Android (UK)

  • (Figure 4.6):
    Sky Sport News HD for Android screenshot

  • (Figure 6.5):
    Sky Sport News HD for Android screenshot

  • (Figure 6.6):
    Sky Sport News HD for Android screenshot

Sky Anytime provides you currently z. B. access to the new Robocop movie or all new episodes of the fourth season of Game Of Thrones. Depending on the receiver different contents are available. Those who have a Sky + receiver with 2 GB hard drive that is accessible to all series and movies. Which offer for you available today, learn it on the website of Sky *. There all current Sky Anytime movies and series are listed.


Sky Anytime you can receive with the Sky + receiver


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