FIFA 18: Leak reveals that FIFA Street returns

FIFA 18 is coming up and fans of football simulation must obviously looking forward to the return of FIFA Street, even if the mode is quite as not as before.


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FIFA Street is an offshoot of the FIFA series. In it you could cheat with the best players on the planet in the backyards of the world. 2012 Game came out in a new version. Then it was quiet around the offshoot - until now! It was learned by a tweet of the German YouTubers PhineasFIFA, FIFA Street seems a comeback in the new main part of EA Sports&# 8216; Football simulation FIFA 18 to celebrate, though not to the full extent.

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In the meantime deleted Tweet PhineasFIFA wrote: "Age, FIFA 18 FIFA Street back in the game." In addition, he added a short video in which he gambled the mode. Although the tweet was deleted, the Internet reacted quickly and put the video back into the grid. In this Reddit thread you can watch you. Before the Vorfreunde the fans now is too large, the sobering statement from EA came&# 8216; s Marc Goroll to the leaked video. According to a report of GameStar he confirmed namely that FIFA Street mode only "The Journey" will be playing.

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was to what extent FIFA Street in the new part of the series truly integrated, we learn later than within a month, since FIFA 18 launched in Europe on September 29 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo switch.

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