Biometric passport photo template download

The passport photo-mask helps to check passport photos if they comply with the biometric requirements. This is easy from home without photographer.

If you want to make a trip, you often need a passport. A valid passport must, inter alia, biometrical passport picture include that meets the applicable requirements. Here, many factors must be taken into account so that the passport photo will be accepted. Not only to the correct format must be respected, but also to the posture, facial expressions and other details such as that eyeglass wearers are clearly visible and her face is not covered. Also important is the background: The photo must be properly lit and sharpness and contrast to be perfectly matched. By adhering to the many provisions, one can make their own photos at home and save the money for the photographer.

Download biometric passport photo template and create your own passport photo

The presentation of the Bundesdruckerei makes it possible to match a biometric passport photo with the template. After you have made your own photo, you can hereby easily check if the photo meets the regulations. The template will be printed and the left side, the image sample board cut out. On this sample photograph is a biometric template left for women and one for men shown on the right. Which format is needed is described millimeter. The passport photograph is applied to the upper left edge of the respective template. then moves the passport photograph a few millimeters to the right, one can exactly tell if the photo is biometric-capable. It is the minimum face amount specified and where the eyes and nose must be located.

A checklist helps in matching

On the right side of the file, the checklist is for image evaluation. Using these criteria, you can check the suitability of the biometric passport photos in the smallest detail in order to be approved for the passport by the authorities. first comparing the data of the format with your own image and whether the image size and the face height match. Then see if the position of the head is correct and the expression is true. Then to check, whether the eyes and sight were recorded correctly. Also important is the sharpness, contrast, and as the recording is illuminated are. is explained in the checklist and that photo quality must have the passport photograph and what is important for people with glasses and infants, toddlers and children up to 10 years of age.

Biometric passport photo template preview
The construction and design of the template are simple and functional, yet the template contains everything you need in black and white. The application is very simple and the various criteria are short, well and clearly explained. The biometric passport photo template to purchase as a download, saving the time-consuming and costly transition for photographers and still meets the necessary criteria.

Alternatives to passport photo template

If you want more than to check your passport photo, is available as an alternative, the software passport photo generator. This image editor makes it possible to optimize one's passport photo according to the regulations. Not only can you customize the format, but also rotate photos or zoom in and adjust the brightness and contrast.

Conclusion for free download of the biometric passport picture template: Finally, one can say that the passport photo template lends itself well to check images quickly on their biometric capability. This is convenient and quick, but if the pictures do not comply, you have to make new ones. While you can look for in the next photo shoot on the criteria, but you can give good luck only. The application is simple, but has really only the bare minimum. One expects with which one can optimize the passport photos options, an image editing software you have to buy the pass as image generator. For just this offers more than a simple template.

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Biometric passport photo mask

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