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It need not always be expensive. The Xbox 360 has now been a few years under its belt, and during the long period since the publication are plenty of games released for the console from Microsoft. Many free-to-play games are available for Daddelkiste. Get to know the title for which you have to spend a penny in the marketplace.

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Free Free-to-play games on the Xbox 360

Since its release in 2005, the era of Xbox 360 has released a wide variety of the best games. However, you have for the game on the console does not always necessarily wages at face value, but can click on an offer of free-to-play games draw that allow you the free game started. Such titles deliver you usually a first impression and contain the most important game features. You have to pay mostly only for cosmetic details such as fancier armor or special weapons. We want to introduce you to a selection of free games on the Xbox 360 below.

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Free-to-play on Xbox 360: Happy Wars

Happy Wars in its delivered to you siege warfare with cartoon characters, which you can customize their various customization options. On colorful battlefields you choose one of six classes and dive into multiplayer battles with up to 20 players simultaneously.



Happy Wars free

Free-to-play on Xbox 360: Spartacus Legends

That based on the television series Spartacus Free-to-Play Game Spartacus Legends allows you to slip into the skin of gladiators with their struggles in tough duels for the win and to survive. With many different weapon combinations you can also be measured to you in online duels with friends.


Spartacus Legends free

Free-to-play on Xbox 360: World of Tanks &# 8211; Xbox 360 Edition

Exclusively for the Xbox 360 has developer Wargaming released a version of its globally successful simulation tanks World of Tanks. In the game you will find a large selection of authentic tank models of World War II, with whom ye delivered on battlefields all over the world tactical combat.



Download Xbox 360 Edition free: World of Tanks

Free-to-play on Xbox 360: AirMech Arena

The real-time strategy AirMech Arena offers you the full roar robot action with mechs that can transform the fight happening at any time. Both cooperatively, as well as against each other you build a base on, forms a force and makes you up, destroy enemy bases.


free AirMech Arena

Free-to-play on Xbox 360: Defiance

In the MMO shooter Defiance it comes to intergalactic meeting between humans and aliens who are not exactly located minded peacefully. The game also comes along with a specially produced television series that deepened the plot of the game. With up to 64 players at the same time you fight together or against each other for the remaining resources on Earth.

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