Till Schweiger after horrific crash in a coma: Post to Facebook – Fiese subscription trap!

A message is being spread on Facebook, stating that the German actor Til Schweiger is after a serious accident in a coma. Who clicks on the post, will be forwarded to an external website where lurks a nasty and extremely expensive subscription trap.

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Hoaxes on Facebook

Fakes, hoaxes and false death reports are well known from Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. yes &# 8211; yesterday it caught as Elyas M'Barek. In a new post, which is currently spread across social media, it is now that Til Schweiger after a &# 8220; horror crash&# 8221; lay in a coma. Who wants to read the complete message and clicks the contribution will be immediately forwarded to an external website &# 8211; Here, however, lurks an expensive subscription trap.

Til Schweiger Crash

Til Schweiger is in a coma &# 8211; Caution trap!

The alleged accident report is currently being circulated on Facebook and Co. and states that Til Schweiger is in a coma after a serious accident. In the photo you can see a crunched car, about the logo of the Bild-Zeitung is placed &# 8211; so the scammers want to suggest that this is a &# 8220; official&# 8221; These message from a well-known newspaper. For more information, should you click on the Post &# 8211; What many users out of curiosity and do well. Instead of the full release you get there, however, to see something completely different.

Note: Behind the Till Schweiger message, an extremely sneaky subscription trap hides. Click this message never touch!

Facebook message about Til Schweiger is fake

The message that Til Schweiger is in a coma, of course, a fake. With the news (which, incidentally, contains copyrighted images), the scammers want to entice Facebook users to conclude on an external site an expensive subscription. In the case of Till Schweiger message that happens in the following way:

Til Schweiger subscription trap

Subscription trap in the particularly nasty variant: One click and you pay 10 euros per week.

Click it on a mobile device to the message, you will be redirected to a dubious sexual side. Click on the button you here Yes, I am over 18 you will immediately receive a text message sent and have just one subscription through your mobile phone number complete. This subscription automatically cost you 10, - Euro per week. This is a particularly nasty scam, since the subscription trap snaps shut with a single click and you will not even informed her in the small print about additional costs.

Facebook Thumbs Down Banner

If you call the message to a desktop computer, you will not sent to the above-mentioned subscription trap, but &# 8220; only&# 8221; to a competition. To see the complete message has to share the post, then opens a window where you should answer a short survey. As &# 8220; reward&# 8221; beckons allegedly winning an iPhone, iPad or a voucher for 500, - Euro. This, however, you must enter your personal information and email address.

Til Schweiger Sweepstakes

Alternatively, you will be redirected to a competition in which the scammers want to tap your personal information.

This data is then forwarded to other companies who then harass you with advertising. So in the second version is the collection of user data for commercial purposes &# 8211; that's not quite as bad as the subscription trap but still more than questionable &# 8211; and above all extremely annoying when your mailbox is then flooded with unwanted advertising and spam.

False reports on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.

That Til Schweiger, who is currently in the new crime scene sealed Iller: can be seen off-duty at the movies, in good health, is actually clear. Such alleged death notices and similar hoaxes appear again and again on Facebook and Co., and are a popular means to move unsuspecting users to complete by subscriptions or disclosure of their personal information. just recently, &# 8220; died&# 8221; e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the racing driver Fernando Alonso is no longer among the living, when it comes to Facebook.

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