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The PC role-playing game "Gothic 3" had not exactly easy. Too early and unfinished Piranha Bytes at the time was hot anticipated sequel to the brilliant predecessors "Gothic" and "Gothic 2" appeared. The result was initially a genuine scandal, the huge waves in the German gaming scene suggested. But an epoch-making bug fixed, a huge Shit Storm, which led among other things to separate publishers and developers and many, many (fan) Patches was later sometime finally still the clear view of a really very beautiful and substantial role playing game that no Genre fans should miss. "Gothic 3" has become after all this time a round out a unique role-playing game series.


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Indeed, the work alone, put the fans over time in specially developed patches and mods, is a remarkable indicator of uncommon popularity of the RPG series in Germany. Meanwhile, retired developers Piranha Bytes Although with "Risen 1-3" already a complete trilogy on, but the "Gothic" games at that time had just a very special, rough charm that has not necessarily made it to the recent work of the developer. "Gothic 3" provides a lot of this special atmosphere, it is the "Gothic" is -Play only. Who is the original Gothic experience so want to give again or never played the third part, the downloading of the Gothic demo is warmly recommended.

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Gothic 3, to RPG fans had been waiting feverishly. An open world in the Middle Ages style is presented to the player on the PC in sumptuous graphics. Each game can have been different, the player can choose to train in one of the three careers as magicians, contactors or warrior. Put hours of fun are guaranteed in a world that is presented in fantastic graphics. There is much to do and much to discover in this game that leaves total freedom.

Gothic 1 and 2 were packed with content. Now the series is back with &# 8220; Gothic 3&# 8243; and everything is still very much better. The graphics have been improved and is now more detailed than its predecessors. The journey begins in a world that was subjected to brutal orcs. The hero starts at the lowest level. In the course of the game, the skills in different areas can be trained through training and special trainer. Many quests waiting for players who advance the main storyline and numerous side quests.

The player's decisions affect this dynamic world the Game History. Therefore must be carefully considered, as traded. Many items can be discovered as armor items that will not only look good, but also enhance the player's attributes.

An unusual role-playing game: The distinctive Gothic Charm

There are many interesting characters in the world of &# 8220; Gothic 3&# 8243; to discover. The interaction which is fun and can result in new quests and items or events that change the world of Gothic. The game world is so powerful that you could get lost in it. Boredom is not, there is always something to do or to discover the hero in the fight against evil.

The sequel to &# 8220; Gothic 2&# 8243; can be further increased. Bigger and better, the game world has become. The graphics have improved considerably and is on the state of the art. Who has not slammed, should not miss this role-playing game for the PC escape.

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    Gothic 3 - Trailer

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