Fyve: LTE use in mobile discounter? All about 4G

You can use with Fyve LTE? Which surfing speed offers Fyve? And what are alternative providers for ultra-fast surfing at reasonable prices? In this article you will find everything you need to know to LTE when Mobilfunkdiscounter Fyve.

Fyve: LTE use in mobile discounter? All about 4G

Fyve: LTE availability

Fyve part of the ProSiebenSat.1 television group. Those who opt for the wireless service provider uses the D-network of Vodafone, which applies to the network of Telekom as the second best in Germany. Good network coverage, top-quality telephone and attractive surfing speeds make up the network. More on network use of Fyve can be found in our article Which network uses Fyve ?.

While Vodafone customers can choose plans with LTE for some time, Fyve has yet to no LTE. Although the company advertises with optimized HSDPA and UMTS packets, but currently the standard is lagging behind.

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Fast browsing at Fyve

Although the provider can score with stable D network quality. During fast surfing not heard Fyve among the top providers.

  • The surf flat rate M reaches a maximum of 3.6 Mbit / s.
  • The Surf flat rates L, XL and XXL least 7.2 Mbit / s.


Among the Fyve tariffs

While other mobile operators such as klarmobil offer no LTE, but with 14.4 Mbit / s significantly higher transmission rates.

By comparison, LTE up to 100 Mbit / s can be transmitted in theory. In practice, at least from many vendors such as Data protection with up to 42 Mbit / s or Vodafone with up to 50 Mbit / s.

LTE vendors: budget options

Anyone who wants to protect his wallet and still do not want to give up fast mobile Internet, although still has no great choice. but some Mobilfunkanbeiter advertise already using LTE. Most of them use the e-network. Companies include Aldi Talk, or blau.de Data protection. Who wants to surf necessarily in D network, the prepaid tariff Vodafone Allnet Callya smartphone can * View.



Advertising of Fyve

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