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In the beta version of Last Day on Earth: Survival of the Alfa-bunker is probably the most interesting place for survivors of the apocalypse. Here you can find that is really good loot. Stupid, you come into the vault with a code that changes every 24 hours.

Do you have the first days of the apocalypse in Last Day on Earth: survived Survival you an adequate supply of water and food, you should put yourselves in the east of the map. Here waits namely the Alfa-bunker on you. He is one of three bunkers, that await you so far in the game. The special thing about him is that he has a vault, requires a code for you. This changes constantly and is not so easy to obtain. but with our help you get it quickly and can him sometime soon pay a visit.


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Get Survival: Code for Bunker Alfa in Last Day on Earth

Besides Bunker Bunker Bravo and Charlie, there is the bunker Alfa, which also has a vault. For all three bunkers their different access cards are found as loot at events or in areas needed. Scans all possible cases, corpses and cabinets to the CAC Cards to obtain. Bunker Alfa you need the access card with an A, Bravo is a B on it, etc. Last Day on Earth: Survival makes it relatively easy to you. So you find before the bunkers mostly corpses, the all you have to loot to get the cards. These access cards you come into the bunker. In Alfa but is a Vault for which you need a code. How do you provide the on then?

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Search the dead soldier to get to the access cards.

Search the dead soldier to get to the access cards.

You can find the bunker Code thanks Update 1.5.5 now in several places, so you should certainly quickly come to the combination. So you get the code for Bunker Alfa in Last Day on Earth: Survival:

  • One way to get the bunker Code, it is a to build CB Radio. You must at least level 6 reaches and have a learning point free. Then you can build the radio. For this, however, you need 3x pine boards, 5x Iron Bar and 1x Cabling. With the wireless radio you can not only contact the dealer, but also gets to get the code for the bunker Alfa chance. Once a day, an exclamation point on the object appears namely. Then the code is distributed.

    Under the bunker Alfa it goes even further. But it is dangerous.

    Under the bunker Alfa it goes even further. But it is dangerous.

  • You can find the code as well as loot in scattered in all areas dead soldiers, can. Before Update 1.5.5 they could only be in red areas &# 8211; now they are everywhere but random. Looking for a red cross on your minimap to find the body faster.
  • Looks at the Facebook page of Last Day on Earth: Survival of whether other survivors you can help.

The bunker and the code only reset every three days since Update 1.5.6. The password is now the same for all players. In the bunker Alfa there is next to the two lower floors still a lobby. This reaches its by elevator. For that you need a code &# 8211; but you need to continue the numbers for the lower floors. Opponents are now scattered more in the rooms, so you can move better in the aisles.

Preparing for the bunker Alfa and tips for survival

After you have entered the associated for the bunker Alfa code, you have to ask you hordes of zombies. In addition, there are turrets, her'd better off from a distance. So covers you before with a lot of weapons. Prior to version 1.5.5 you had to still take some materials to aufzubekommen backed by terminals doors. Now that's not the case. Nevertheless, you have to stock up but you with some raw materials before their Vault your tour can start:

  • 10x rubber parts
  • 12x cabling
  • 15x tape

That you repaired the generator in the first basement and finally arrives in the second basement. In the two floors you will find the way, happens to some parts of the chopper. As you build this, you will find in the linked guide.

Give the correct code and already you can expect the true hell.

Give the correct code and already you can expect the true hell.

Also should be said at this point that their best should enter the vault with a near and a ranged weapon. However, you will find only a weapon, a kind of equipment, but material for the motorcycle in the underground construction. Once you have arrived in the underground part of the bunker Alfa, it turns off a gun turret. After that, you should turn the valve to shut off the gas. Do you do not, you suffer damage in the gas. Are you against the giant zombies, you should better have a good weapon and escape strategy possess. Meet you again, you are namely dead.

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Last Day on Earth - Survival: So you have defeated all opponents!

You are dead in the vault, you can come back here and loot your body. But only the last innings.

Sneak to the opponents and runs best off if they come after you. Have you defeated the Alfa bunker complete, you can watch the use shelves as storage space. then will you to destinations in the east and north, here you can make a stop and provide you with the placed here associations etc..

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