Farming Simulator 17: All DLC and expansions in detail

Hardworking farmers always have something to do with the Farming Simulator 17th But go to them at some point to work out, they can get into the game with DLC and expansions even more content and especially vehicles. 

As with the predecessor, the Farming Simulator 15, there are again some extensions and packs that bring you more content to the game. When 2015er predecessors were even free DLCs published, other vehicles and trailers contained. Whether that will be again the case for LS17, is not yet clear. We inform you on this page about every new DLC, which you can get 17 for the Farming Simulator.


Farming Simulator 17: Launch trailer for the DLC KUHN

All extensions and DLCs at a glance

In addition to expansion packs for the LS17, there is an upgrade pack. The so-called digital Collector&# 8217; s Edition Upgrade Pack brings you content that is in the collector's Edition are included. So &# 8220; upgraded&# 8221; her on the more valuable and much more expensive version for much less money. In addition to these packs and normal DLCs you can also pick additional videos from the FarmCon, See, the community event around the farming game. Buys her the way you like the Season Pass, you will receive any extension to the LS17.

Listen to your own music on the radio from the LS17 - goes so

Tip for the multiplayer in LS17: All people who want to play together, must buy the respective DLC. Will you join a multiplayer game that uses extensions that you do not possess, you see an exclamation point next to the game name.

In the DLC & quot; Big Bud & quot; everything revolves around large vehicles.

in DLC &# 8220; Big Bud&# 8221; everything revolves around large vehicles.

Straw handling extension available soon

Have you ever wished you in Farming Simulator 2017 to produce pellets? Then your dream will soon come true. With the straw handling expansion the game is extended by the pellet industry. Also present is the Pellet harvesting crown Premos 5000. The vehicle can press directly on the field straw and Heulpellets and processes them accordingly to litter or animal feed. Do you need more materials, but you can the pellets in the fully automated palletizing process.

create directly in the field pellets - we find it good!

create directly in the field pellets &# 8211; we find it good!

This extension for the farmer simulator 17 is not developed by GIANTS. When addon straw handling is a third-party extension that is created by Creative mesh together with Aerosoft. Both companies worked over a year on their first DLC for the Farming Simulator 17. This is included in the extension:

  • Crown Premos 5000
  • Bressel and charging B50 AR-03 (Ballengabel)
  • Lizard Vertical bale grab
  • hallsys production hall
  • hallsys Hallenkran
  • hallsys palletizing
  • more content will follow

In the hall her pellets processed further.

In the hall her pellets processed further.

When the third-party add-on, however, appear, is still unclear. We inform you at this point when you can buy it.

Platinum Edition brings new card

Do you buy you the Platinum Edition of Farming Simulator 17, you will receive a new Card, which takes place in South America. However, you can also Only purchase the Platinum addon, If you already have the full version of the game. Then you can expect a rich Sugarcane harvest and matching harvesters from CASE IH Austoft and equipment of Stara, Doble TT, Bizon or Gessner Industries.

Regional typical animals are waiting for you on the new South America Map of the Platinum Edition.

Regional typical animals are waiting for you on the new South America Map of the Platinum Edition.

The edition will on November 14, 2017 appear. It provides for a corresponding change of scenery and introduces many new gameplay mechanics. There is also a railway network extending over the entire map. The vegetation on the map is also new and adapted from South America.

Big Bud DLC: Large machines and much horsepower

  • Release Date: May 9, 2017
  • platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Price: 14.99 euro

In this DLC you get the two largest tractors in the world: Big Bud 450 (500 hp) and Big Bud 747 (1,100 hp). In addition, you are 12 new devices that can use it with the extension. Included are a Trailed lifters and SPSL9 of Gregoire Besson cultivators Agrisem, Bednar and Flexi-Coil. In our list of all the vehicles of all brands and manufacturers you will find even more new devices that are in the DLC.

Buy Now Big Bud DLC

Three Big Buds show what they can do.

Three Big Buds show what they can do.

KUHN equipment Pack: French flair and Machine of the Year

  • Release Date: February 14, 2017
  • platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Price: 14.99 euro

For the Love Day KUHN DLC was released for the LS17. contains the first real expansion 18 devices the French agricultural machinery manufacturer. Included is the drill Espro 3000 that the Machine of the Year was named. But cultivators, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, tedders, mowers, rakes and ball technology machines are added to your game.

KUHN DLC on the official website of the LS17

Among fans even & quot; The Kuhn & quot; called: The big add-on contains 18 units of the French company.

Among fans only &# 8220; The Kuhn&# 8221; called: The big add-on contains 18 units of the French company.

digital Collector&# 8217; s Edition Upgrade Pack

  • Release Date: October 25, 2016
  • platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Price: 7.99 EUR

Anyone have any Collector's Edition from Farming Simulator could buy 17, has with this upgrade pack the chance. You will receive the majority of the digital contents of the Collector&# 8217; s Edition about this upgrade pack. Included is a video documentary showing the origin of the LS17. In addition, you will receive the vehicles Fendt 900 Black Beauty and Challenger MT775E Stealth Edition for your game. In addition to concept art and an e-book, which you &# 8211; in German &# 8211; modding the LS17 declared (including a tutorial video), the pack also includes a booklet, which shows up the art of different mods of the game.

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Farming Simulator 18: All vehicles, harvesters and equipment

FarmCon 16 Media Vault

  • Language: German (also available with English subtitles)
  • Price: 4.99 EUR

The FarmCon takes place regularly and informed about the Farming Simulator. The 2016er event featured many interesting lectures that deal on the topics of textures, modding, development and history of the simulator. On the website of Farming Simulator you can see the exact contents of the expansion and the pack can also buy directly.

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