Mac: Eject CD – how it works so you can force’s

On the Mac you have different ways to get a CD or DVD from the drive. Here you will find an overview of the fastest and easiest ways to eject a CD. We also have tips and solutions if it does not work with the eject the CD on Mac.


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Mac: CD eject - Here's how quickly and easily

eject iconThe quickest and easiest method is of course the eject button located on the drive. Shall ye not bend over or the drive is not within reach, you have the Eject button on any keyboard of Macs and MacBooks. The key is found on the top right next to the F12 key. But there are other ways to get a CD from the Mac drive:

  • Pulls the CD drag&Drop the mouse on the trash. Let the mouse button over the trash.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the CD entry. In the context menu you can "eject CD" option then select.
  • the eject quickly and easily works using a key combination. Expresses this CMD + E simultaneously.

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Mac: Eject CD does not work? This can be done

Under certain circumstances it may happen that the Mac does not want to eject the CD. The fault often is limited to a certain type of CDs, z. B. blanks. If the attempt to bring the CD from the Mac drive fails you can try it the following:

  • Tried one of the alternatives described above in order to get the CD.
  • In addition, you can hold down the mouse button when you restart. Also in this way CDs can be output from the Mac.
  • If the CD is still stuck in the drive, use the following Terminal command:
  • Controls the terminal to the Mac by its CMD + Spacebar pressed and looks for the "Terminal".
  • Give here the command "drutil tray eject" one.
  • The CD will be ejected.


Should help bring the CD or DVD from the Mac none of the methods described, there may be a defect in the drive. In this case, the drive must be repaired or replaced.

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