Apple maps offline use on the iPhone – Here’s how

You can also use offline Apple's maps app on the iPhone - but only with a few drawbacks. If you plan something in advance, but you navigate safely to their destination even without the Internet. We show you how to use the Apple maps offline.


How to keep your iPhone

Actually, the iPhone is so designed that it is permanently connected to the Internet. This is also true for the pre-installed maps app with you come safely to your destination, even if you know the environment is not so good. Silly if no Internet is available only straight. but with a little trickery you can also make use of the Apple maps offline.

Apple maps offline

The map data is stored in the cache and can be accessed without an Internet connection

Using an Apple maps offline - important&# 8217; s

One thing first: The maps app from Apple is not meant that they used offline. Your example can be loaded into the memory of the iPhone, and access it later no cards. but the built-in GPS antenna of the iPhone will also work without an Internet connection. That is: Did you open the card once you see your current location even if you just are not online. Exactly which can be made use of as a recessed give directions in the cache of the iPhone is cached.

  1. Provides First make sure that you find yourself in a place where you can still the Internet.
  2. then give the destination a to which you want and then selects, how will get there you there (car, on foot, ÖPVN)
  3. then scrolls into the map and follow the path from the starting location to the destination.
  4. Here you should so far into scroll until their individual details on Apple's board recognizes (roads, shops, etc.).
  5. Now you can go offline.

The trick: The map section, which you have called is, even in the cache when you are no longer connected to the Internet. This is true even if your iPhone runs out in the meantime. However, note that you only see the section that you have previously loaded into the cache. Also, you should not delete or enter a new destination the goal: In this case, the data is gone and you need internet again. but in and out scrolling is possible - thanks to GPS you also see always where you find yourself just on the route.

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download offline maps for iPhone free

The method described above is of course only a temporary solution for emergencies. If you want to permanently store maps offline, you need an app that is capable of doing. We recommend CoPilot GPS &# 8211; Navigation and offline maps, can her you download here:

CoPilot GPS - Navigation

QR code

CoPilot GPS - Navigation
Developer: ALK Technologies Ltd. *
Price: Free

When you first launch the app, you shall register yourself first, then you have to download the maps you have. For Germany you invite you the DACH region to the iPhone (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - the download is 630 MB and free. Have finished it, you can also use offline all card included - the instructions on the upgrade to the full version can ignore it, since the basic version is adequate for Germany.

Another alternative is, of course, Google Maps - with the maps app from Google you can download the needed maps you default on the iPhone and use offline. So you have not only the detour described above.

Google Maps - GPS Navigation

QR code

Google Maps - GPS Navigation
Developer: Google Inc. *
Price: Free

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