Inserting and editing in Word screenshot

insert a screenshot into Word is the easiest way to save a screenshot. With Image Tools you can even edit the screenshot into Word. We tell you how.

Inserting and editing in Word screenshot

Nothing is easier to insert than a screen in Word. It takes just three button clicks and it is already in place. But when the consumption of the screen is not quite suitable for distribution, then have to put their hand. This goes without graphics program. You can insert a screenshot into a Word document and then edit subsequently. By the way, this approach also works for other programs. At nearly the same way it is possible to transfer a screenshot in LibreOffice, OpenOffice or similar word processors. With a little trick you can save it as a graphics file the screenshot into Word.

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Step 1: Insert screenshot in Word

Before you can insert a screenshot into Word, you have only times one make. At this point, most computer users believe that this requires a special screenshot program. Although Microsoft has so supplied with its SnippingTool a program in Windows 10, it is not really needed. All you need is always been built into Windows and has a key on the keyboard.


With one button you created the screenshot for Word

The little-noticed button labeled printing or print had the task to send the contents of the screen to a printer before. On Windows you do with the print button a screenshot and places it in the clipboard. This button is usually located to the right of the F12 key. On laptops it is elsewhere, but always present. First looks in the upper right area of ​​the keyboard.

Now everything is actually quite simple. Your changes to Word or start it if necessary. And creates a blank document. Moves the cursor to the location where the picture should emerge. Now you press the Ctrl + V. This key combination applies anywhere in Windows and adds the contents of the clipboard into the window when the program supports this. Optionally, you can also right-click in Word and choose Paste from the context menu.

Note: A screenshot of the pushbutton always produces an image of the entire screen. So you can not shoot single window. In that case you have to edit the screenshot into Word.

Step 2: Edit in Word screenshot

Word is of course not a real graphics program, although you can take a screenshot in Word to edit. For this you click on the image once it has been inserted into Word. Then you see above, a new menu called Picture Tools. It contains a wide variety of tools with which you can revise an image in Word.


edit the screenshot into Word

So you can, for example, the function crop the image so that unwanted areas disappear from cropping. This is useful, inter alia, because the key only photographed the entire screen, but do you want to pass on only a particular area often.

You can in Word the screenshots with a frame or shade provided, rotate or colorize and even compress. In addition, contrast and brightness can be adapted. By their levels pushes forward or back, you can place images above and below the text.

Screenshot save in Word as a graphic: Trick

So far we have mainly explained how a screenshot is in Word and how to edit it there if necessary. but most of it is surely only a matter of somehow pass on a screen so that another can watch him. And the best thing in this case is still an image in one of the common image formats.

screenshot-word-as-graphic store

You can save a screenshot in Word as a picture

Word can do that! Take a screenshot as described. Adds the screenshot from the clipboard into Word. Now you can still edit it if necessary. And then you click with the right mouse button on the image and choose from the context menu Save as Picture. This will open a save dialog where you can save the image in PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF and BMP opens.

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