The shocking true story behind six films – Part 1

As impressive and frightening is happening on the screen may be, they are not real. It is different with the true stories that inspired several films. And unlike their fictional counterparts you run guaranteed in these stories shivers down your spine.

The shocking true story behind six films - Part 1

Whether it is complicated stories, explicit killings or disturbing ghost stories, in recent decades, writers worldwide have delivered solid work and provides us with some very effective shock, horror 'and' Nagelknabber movies.

But all of that pales properly when you compare it with the stories that happen every day on our green earth. Hardly anything out of the horror field is so colorful that it has not happened in some form somewhere.

The six scariest inspiration for modern and classic horror movies I present in two parts because the contents of a single article is MUCH too disturbing.

On the next page it comes with one of the most worst nightmares that can experience a man, go! And no, it's not about Justin Bieber.

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