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The dialogue with the lines of text, "No!" - "Yes!" - "Oh!" Is one of the most iconic moments of the comedy film ever produced in history. Again and again, the quote is placed in Einspielern or memes. However, from what movie the saying comes about? And how the dialogue sounds actually on the French original?

Movie fans will also have the answers ready immediately who is, however, met by chance on the quote, find the answers here.


Film classic # 9

For what film "comes No! But! Oh!"?

The dialogue is spoken by the actors Louis de Funés (in the role of Antoine Brisebard) and Bernard Biller (inspector Ducros).

  • Originally there was a dialogue already in the de-Funés film "Oscar"From 1967. He has not yet brought the currently known effect.
  • the conversation in the film became famous "Camouflage - Hash me, I'm the killer"Which appeared 1971st Louis de Funés used this iconic statement not only in a film, but was suitable dialogue as a trademark on.
  • In French, it sounds rather "Non? - Si! - Oh! ".
  • Meanwhile has "No! But! Oh! "Established as Meme in parts of the German network community. To the saying, some netizens have even created their own remixes inferior to saying with sounds and beats.
  • There are also various merchandise like T-shirts or cups to read with the printed slogan.

T-shirts with the slogan


Image: Crest Movies

The restaurant chain McDonalds has the motto taken up even in a commercial for the return of the "Big Tasty" 2016th

Similarly craze: The &# 8220; You've got mail&-Sound; #. 8221

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 "No! But! Oh "set as MP3 as ringtone: This one needs

Who the history and action around the dialogue, "No! But! Oh "wants to experience! Numerous Louis-de-Funés classics found on DVD *"No! But! Oh! ": Film, advertising and MP3 - the complete package. For Android smartphones, there is even an appropriate widget that brings the sound to your mobile phone. With the right tool you can cut out the Tonfetzen and "No! But! Oh! "Even save them as MP3, to set up the audio file as a ringtone on your smartphone.

Louis de Funès * free *

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Louis de Funès * free *
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Similarly cultish also the Star Trek sounds or the Crime Scene ringtone enter on your mobile phone. Louis de Funés is considered one of the largest, and especially as one of the funniest actors from France. De Funes died in 1983, but in 2017 he still brings enough people of all ages through his comedy classic laugh.

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