Avengers 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Our comic Guide explains the 5 most important Noob Questions



This mask is not a fashion statement.

Daniel Brühl can sometimes exert his evil-Nazi accent. In "Captain America: Civil War", he will interpret all likelihood Caps longtime adversary Baron Zemo. What can we expect from him and how he fits into the current MCU?

First, we are anxious to see what Zemo we get presents. Heinrich and Helmut. There are two of the variety? Exactly. Father and son. And, actually, it's a whole heritage line of Zemo, the centuries goes way back, but we better stay times on topic. Henry and Captain America have sharpened extensively during the Second World War, which is not really ran well for Henry. Cap has the time namely attacked a base of Zemo and during a scuffle developed by Zemo Super-stick chemicals (!) Released that get in the face of poor Henry. Henceforth, whose mask was fused to his face. Ouch!
Considering it but makes the current state of the MCU while clearly more sense that Brühl not Henry, but the Sohnemann Helmut will play and must accordingly act out a deep-seated Rachebedüfnis towards Captain America.

Another aspect of the comics could for: also be important "Captain America Civil War". Zemo is responsible for the disclosure of the war crimes of Bucky Barnes in the comics a.k.a. "The Winter Soldier". If Bucky So rehabilitate in "Civil War" in the eyes of the public, who would stigmatized as Nazi son Helmut Zemo get the role of perfidious spoilsport.

More info give it our detailed&# 8230;

Guide Captain America 3: Civil War 


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