Google Speed ​​Test – Internet speed measured with a click

Google Speed ​​Test can show you how fast your Internet connection really is. Originally designed for the measurement of fiber connections, but it also measures any other type of Internet access.

There are different speed tests for the Internet connection. Some are specially designed for LTE connections, while others are intended for DSL customers. All worthwhile for providers mainly because advertising is displayed on the appropriate pages. A clean, simple alternative is the Google Speed ​​Test.

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What does the Google Speed ​​Test?

Actually, the speed test is aimed primarily at customers of Google's high-speed fiber-optic project Google Fiber. Here they will be able to test how quickly they get on the internet now. Accordingly, the "Speed" of the Google Speed ​​Test is also up to 1,000 Mbit / s.

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Google Speed ​​Test: OK, but worse than promised

Basically, the test also does nothing more than any similar offers. When Internet speed test downloads and uploads are started with files of different sizes and measured how fast the transfer is done. Then a ping test will be done to determine how quickly it responds to the connection contact attempts. The result is then displayed below the tachometer.

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Internet too slow? What rights do you have?

Do not be too disappointed if the result does not look as promised by the provider. Usually the offers and agreements in fact contain clauses such as "Up to 16 000 Mbit / s". So a result no special termination. As long as no clear speed is promised that providers can evenly also be lower - and do it in most cases. The Agency relies on "self-regulation". I mean, you trust that you are so clever, ever to do research on the internet beforehand who sticks to his promises &# 8211; and the other party then boycotted.

There are considerable doubts that it will work. Only when the speed is permanently well below the promised declaration and perhaps only the performance of the next lower range provides (6.000 Mbit / s instead of 16.000 Mbit / s), you have the right to a contract regulation.

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