The assets of Helene Fischer makes you breathless – Also on the day!

We have published a guide on how to become rich. Therefore, it is only logical to additionally look around a little bit, how rich some well-heeled celebrities really are and what they make their money. The Geissens or Trump have considerable assets and Helene Fischer does not have to actually work. 

Schlager not make any automatic rich &# 8211; Helene Fischer is a real exception pop-Fee in this regard. Even people with absolute earworm resistance can the charm of the hit Breathless *The assets of Helene Fischer makes you breathless - Also on the day!, could hold his own in the German single charts 59 weeks, escape only with great effort. Already more than nine million people, however, have already felt so drawn to their music that they bought an album and the concerts are always sold out and on television their performances ensure high rates (more than 5 million viewers). A TV format as the Helene Fischer Show devours approximately 1.6 million euros per episode. The colors match tour made her happy one million fans. Superlatives everywhere you look.

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Apart from that, it has absolutely established as advertising wearer is, so to speak, become a brand. And where money is, they say yes, get for money. When Helene Fischer a 11 year old Audi A3 sells, she gets smooth nor 18,260 € for it. Better it can not actually run.

A little tip, if you lusted after a lot of money by hit: a Helene Fischer-double can demand up to 2000 € Gage for an appearance. But one can ever practice a few hours, right?


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The assets of Helene Fischer &# 8211; how much money does she have?

Stars in the pop business is currently benefiting more that the mainstream pop fans tend not prone to illegal downloads of music and concert recordings, but actually buys CDs. The Wirtschaftswoche has the &# 8220; business model Fischer&# 8221; a closer grappled and expected the whole thing to us:

  • Per sold CD gets a woman fishing 1 € &# 8211; sold more than nine million CDs since 2006 so end up ever more than nine million in their account.
  • Their advertising appearances for Tchibo, Meggle, Garnier & Co. secure their one more time revenue of at least one million euros per deal & Contract year. At present four contracts this gives four million revenue.
  • The colors match tour enlarged Helene Fischers assets by 4 &# 8211; 6 million euros.
  • The singer can also privately book appearances &# 8211; € 250,000 it provides per appearance this bill.
  • Additionally, smaller business activities: fan, own perfume *The assets of Helene Fischer makes you breathless - Also on the day! and Helene Fischer lamp collection.

It is estimated that the charismatic pop singer has a personal fortune of about 30 million euros.

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