Wise Game Booster: With Game Booster increase PC performance for games Download

The Wise Game Booster Download increases the performance of your computer playing by the program optimizes the system settings of your PC, unnecessary programs and services ended and focuses the system resources for games.

After this Download Wise Game Booster, Installation and start the tool can you see "My Games" add on your computer existing games and so manage in one place and start. Furthermore, you can here the program instruct perform all suggested by this optimization measures or make the proposed improvements of the modules "System Optimizer", "process optimizer" and "Service Optimizer". However, you should bear in mind that currently running programs can be located under the processes that you want to not finish. To this end, however, you have the option to exclude "Process Optimizer" programs from the termination by Wise Game Booster.

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster Download: Operation of the individual modules

The "System Optimizer" improved for Games-related system settings, thus increasing the stability and speed of your system. Corresponding points are proposed to you, which you can either individually or completely optimized. With the "process optimizer" in turn can you quit Game Wise Booster proposed, currently running processes and perform under "Service Optimizer" the same for straight running services. Using the link "Restore", which can be found on the top right of the program window, can you stopped services when needed start again.

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