Extant Season 2: When does Season 2 to Germany?

The second season of the US series starring Halle Berry Extant starts this summer in the US. In Season 1, the astronaut Molly from a 13-month solo mission was inexplicably pregnant from space back and has inadvertently pushed humanity towards extinction. In Season 2 Molly gets to know their revelations the cop JD judge.


Extant Season 2 - Trailer

In the Extant astronaut Molly is pregnant back from a space mission, though she was there for 13 months alone. In the course plunges humanity unknowingly at risk. Who has not seen the first season of Extant, can make up for free online with the TV streaming service Magine. Magine is the first 30 days free.

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Extant Season 2: Start date of Season 2 in Germany

Filming of the first season of Extant included 13 episodes and began in February 2014. The premiere of the series took place in the United States almost exactly 5 months later, on July 9, 2014, the CBS. The German premiere of Season 1 was again on June 5, 2015 instead of Sixx.

Meanwhile, CBS has confirmed the second season of Extant. It also has 13 episodes and will on July 1, 2015 launch in the United States. Measured in terms of production during the first season follows therefore that Season 2 of Extant in the summer of 2016 - around June - will be available in Germany.

Extant: action in season 2

Extant Season 2: Molly with JD judge.

Extant Season 2: Molly with JD judge. (Source: www.cbs.com)

The first three episodes of Season 2 titles are already known:

  1. Change Scenario
  2. Morphoses
  3. Empathy for the Devil


Warning, spoilers!

Season 2 of Extant begins with Molly escapes from the psychiatric hospital to investigate bizarre deaths, similar to those with which they had to do. Soon after, she met the cop named JD know Richter - played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is assigned to the case. Furthermore, she tries to find her alien offspring, who escaped from the ISEA building.

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