Fire Emblem Heroes: Tips and guide to the most important steps

With Fire Emblem Heroes Nintendo brings the war against the Emblanische empire on your smartphone. There are observed a lot, because the character and mission systems are complex. We give you on this page a summary of the most important tips and tricks for Fire emlem Heroes in our Beginner's Guide.

In Fire Emblem Heroes you are called into the fight against the Emblaner and can thereby summon different heroes and train. The battles take place on a Rock-scissors-paper-principle instead of. Axes beat lances, lances beat swords and swords beat axes. But there are many more tips and tricks to combat system in Fire Emblem Heroes, which we want to show you here.


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Tips and tricks in the Beginner's Guide: Fire Emblem Heroes

In contrast to earlier parts of the series, your heroes do not stay dead, after they have been defeated, but you may be able after the current game call back into the fight. This is also very helpful, because the Emblanische empire coat of strange worlds and enslaved the heroes of different dimensions. It is your task to restore peace and for that you should follow a few tips.

Fire Emblem heroes tips

Select your team for the fight against the Emblanische empire.

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Tips and tricks for the right strategy

The menus of Fire Emblem Heroes are very complex and we would like to give you some general tips to help you not lose the overview:

  • Missions and quests: If you you in your lock is, you can bottom right of the well click, so you get an overview of the quests and missions. Closes her this successfully, receive their order or fragments. For missions you can even collect spheres, if you successfully completing the first time. All missions can be repeated as often, so you can work on training your characters.
  • expand concluded: Starts her in the game, so you get 15 spheres given. This can you invest or expand your castle in the activation of new heroes. If you search the list in the main menu, you can in trading post your &# 8220; upgrade Castle&# 8221;. Invested her a sphere, you'll receive a EP-bonus of 20%. The extremely worthwhile and you can constantly this bonus to a whopping 100% Bonus bring.
  • Unlock Heroes: Use your spheres, so that you can get new heroes in your team. For this you have to select the menu item &# 8220; Call&# 8221; Choose and try your luck.

Fire Emblem Heroes Beginners Guide

This is the Schwertschwingerin Anna in Fire Emblem Heroes.

  • Select skills: Over time, earn your heroes Ability points (FP), which you can use for their training. Completed her enemies, climb to your characters. They leveling individually and one who missed an opponent the final blow, receives most EP. In the main menu you can under Skills, enable or disable new skills.
  • use Potential: Reaches one of your heroes level 20 and has a certain number of heroes springs, can you amplify even further. Going for it on &# 8220; send home&# 8221;. Now the potential is released and the hero falls back to level 1, but for that he gets another star. The stars stand for the general strength of character.

Tips for fighting in Fire Emblem Heroes

The fighting in Fire Emblem Heroes will take place on a small card, in which you can move individually on certain tiles your characters. You catch it on to the left and your enemy on the right. Your goal is to defeat the forces of the enemy first. Your hero can hereby perform different attacks depending on what they specialize. Archers can shoot at a greater distance to their enemies and melee must move to the next box to allow the fight can begin. Here are more tips to fight in Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • Scissors stone paper: As already mentioned, there are different positive and negative superiorities in combat. Make sure that your team is diverse and can respond to any form of their opponents. Let's, for example, a swordsman not against lances compete, but sends him against Axeman. The different weapons are displayed to you in the lower right-hand edge in three colors. Here lances are blue, red swords and axes green.

Fire Emblem Heroes tips beginners guide

These are the relative strength in the Battle of Fire Emblem Heroes.

  • Archer: The rangers are exempted from the strength of the triangle, but for that they are resistant to most enemies equally effective, although they face flying opponents are particularly strong.
  • Watch your opponent: Just like her, your opponents can also move on the map. so keep possible next steps of their troops in mind, that you may offer them too much attack. therefore uses definitely the option Danger Zone! This ye may let you see all the fields that your opponent can reach the next train. Thereby to upload your tactics better plan and effectively use especially ranged and healer.
  • Team composition: You can watch your opponents and thus put together the perfect combination of own hero, so you can counter their strengths well before a fight. so use the weaknesses of enemies and get ready. You can even create multiple teams and switch between them.
  • Blessing of Light: If it is bad times for your troops and the enemy continues to advance, you can click in the lower left of the screen gear to where the Blessing of Light select. For that you have a eponymous Item or one consume sphere. By the blessing of light all defeated allies revived, the KP filled, Special attacks are ready and start you can directly with your next train.

We hope that you can weiterherlfen Fire Emblem Heroes our Beginner's Guide. If you know more tips and tricks, you can these very happy to share with us in the comments. Good luck in the fighting and your war against Emblanische empire!

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