Touch bar, the smart control panel of the MacBook Pro

Touch bar, the smart control panel of the MacBook Pro


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The Touch Bar is a smart entry bar, which is previously only found on the MacBook Pro 2016th It replaces the function keys. We provide an overview of the touch bar from Apple:

Show the keys that are currently needed - that is the task of the Touch Bar There is a color touch-bar, similar to a touch display.. but the surface is a little grip. Apple uses OLED technology, which is oriented obliquely to the users towards the display for optimum viewing.

The touch bar Video:


MacBook Pro 2016: Touch bar test

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Touch Bar: Variable buttons instead of function keys

On the keyboard of the MacBook the function keys on the Touch Bar favor have ceased to exist. However, if necessary, the touch bar to show the buttons with display brightness, volume, sound control, etc. Escape. If not, the button can quickly be manually invoked with an open right arrow.

The touch bar changes its key assignment namely depending on the app. If you activate an application immediately changes the display of the bar. Even within an app, depending on the occupied tool, it can vary in their tasks. For example, they show little image previews in the Photos app of macOS. If you call the tool saturation, it provides an adjustment control for saturation along with preview.

  • Touch bar test

Touch bar of the Mac as a touch screen replacement

The use of the trackpad is thus often made obsolete by the touch bar. Why did Apple not prefer to put on a touchscreen? Well, the cost would probably be higher to equip the entire screen with touch-screen functionality. Moreover macOS is not currently designed for finger operation. But one of the main arguments of Apple is the ergonomics: the hands should stay down on the keyboard surface and do not cover the screen.

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The touch bar of the MacBook Pro 2016 in pictures

Apps for the touch bar

What tasks the touch bar gets in an app, the developer can set via an interface. In addition, the user can make changes nor even mostly - see video above. Many Apple apps offer interesting possibilities, but other developers. More about what we call in the test of the touch bar and a picture gallery.

Those who do not MacBook Pro with touch bar, can still gain an impression of the smart bar with the following tricks:

  • Show Touch bar for Mac on the iPad
  • Touch bar on a Mac without touch Bar Show


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