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Michael returns and Amanda home and he argue - again. Yoga coach Fabien suggests that Michael relaxation runs a little yoga with the two. Neither Amanda nor Michael are very pleased, but Mike leaves wide fight, to try again.


Yoga is a mini game which takes some getting used to, but actually is not that hard. It's always about to press the two analog sticks in the directions indicated and keep. Then, as we continue to keep the analog sticks, we need each breath in and out, by keeping the trigger / Schutlertasten pressed and then release it. Importantly: The exhalation is no question desTimings, you do not just release it when the circle is filled up, but can calm a little further breathe, the time window is so tolerant. So let the trigger prefer a little late going to be too early. The exercises are getting longer each time.


Fabien makes some unfortunate comments and a dispute arises with Michael. Mike wants to get something out of the house, so we go up Jimmy out of his room and get him into the car. We take him down to the burger shop, where he picks up a load of drugs, then we return to the house. The problem with this is that Jimmy Michael is on drugs - the tour takes away a little bit, then soon begin the sequence in which James throws his old man out of the car and Mikey is dragged by someone from the street.


The next sequence&# 8230; Oh what, you see yourself just to yourself. At the event you can not change anything, just enjoy the view, then wacht Michael almost naked and still pretty on top of a meadow on. Make your way back home (it's not far, but you take wobbly a car, Michael's), and searched the house - in the kitchen, Michael finds a letter that Amanda and the children have moved out. Ouch.

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